Наблюдения НЛО в штате США

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Наблюдения НЛО в штате США

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  1. I fking believe it. Idahoian here.

    The skies aren’t polluted with light. If you stare at the sky long enough on any night you’ll see things that are definitely not planes and definitely not stars.

  2. I moved to Oregon a few weeks ago and stopped in Twin Falls, Idaho for the night. I SWEAR I saw something that was definitely not a traditional aircraft.

    It was about 5:45 am on 10/20. I was loading my bags in my vehicle and waiting for the hotel staff to put coffee out at 6:00 am so I could get some and resume my road trip.

    Since there is a lot less light pollution, I was gazing up at all the extra stars that were visible out there. While I was watching, one seemingly stationary star started moving very slowly. There were no flashing lights, no colors at all. It was extremely high also, higher than any plane I’ve ever seen.

    I am fairly certain that what I seen was something that was definitely not a traditional aircraft (to say the VERY least).

  3. Oklahoman here. I’ve seen strange moving lights here in rural Pawnee County for the past decade, though its picked up in the past year or so. My coworkers and family friends and associates around town have been seeing odd lights about the same length of time — a year or so. My two coworkers have seen the red triangle lights when they were out on 244 W going to Tulsa back in August.

    My daughter’s best friend’s parents, who live in the country country, said they woke up to their dogs freaking out. Dad gets up and checks doors, etc., the usual security check, nothing after a few minutes. Dogs still growling and on edge.

    All of sudden, spotlight kind of bright, lights are shining through the front living room windows and anywhere that wasn’t covered. The lights were steady, not moving around like a spotlight would, and only lasted about 10 seconds they said.

    Dad grabs pistol and flashlight as soon as lights cut out and peeks out front door peephole. Nothing. He swings open dfront door, and there’s nothing but silence, which is highly unusual in the Oklahoma country. You hear crickets, frogs, all matter of creatures and ambient noise out there. But he said it was dead silent and anyone with equipment to pull a prank like that would’ve had to have made noise to get away or drive off.

    His fields were clear so he would’ve caught anyone trying to run away. They called the OSU geological survey people, who have a place not too far for testing the soil yadda yadda, they weren’t conducting anything that month at all. They called whoever they thought would have activity out there and no one could account for what happened. Family is still pretty disturbed by the whole thing. Especially when I told them I’d been seeing strange lights north of tow,n. So yeah. Strange things in Oklahoma.

  4. This is the worst way to
    Represent this data , lol. Because small state biases the score to
    Look Uber high . Lol as CA , TX, NY, FL, might have high sightings of actual ppl, but low per capita because lots of people. It takes actual spatial information of where UFO hotspots could be occurring like Santa Catalina, in CA or Brazil coast, and makes them unlikely to represent a hotspot .

    Not how heatmaps work. Sad

  5. Montana resident here: can confirm lots of weird shit and sightings regularly. Also don’t forget the two «objects» post spy balloon literally shut down the airspace here for a brief time that day.

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