Нил присоединился к обсуждению!!!!

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Нил присоединился к обсуждению!!!!

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43 комментарий для “Нил присоединился к обсуждению!!!!”
  1. As a world renowned scientist has said repeatedly, “I already know everything, so there is absolutely no need to investigate anything that I don’t know. We scientists are not into investigating unknown unproven shit. That’s weird”

  2. That b*tch looks drunk, like this is a drunkass live response video to the recent alien shit.

    He’s saying absolutely nothing at all and just jabbering to shit hes not involved with and doesn’t understand.

  3. literally there’s not a person in the world I dislike listening to on this topic more than this guy. most unbalanced useless perspective out there. I tried but I couldn’t even hear him out, id be ashamed to communicate about any topic like he did.

  4. Without reading what he has to say, this isn’t really his field. I’d be more upset if a biologist was refusing for whatever reason.
    Of course there is the problem when people vote for an idiot and then they spend the next 4 years defending him, it is hard to back down…stupidly.

  5. «I was invited to see these two alien bodies personally. An official invitation. And I declined for a very simple reason (but I’d love to see the aliens, but) if you’re gonna make an official invitation to a scientist, that invitation should not go to an astrophysicist.

    It needs to go to a biologist. In fact it needs to go to ten biologists. Biochemists. Invite them. Ten of them… five of them… just more than three, ok? They all come and they each take home a sample of the bodies, of the alien bodies. That’s how you do this.»

  6. Ass clown blatantly lying about «they are not sharing data to other institutions». They offered and openly shared their data, uploaded DNA sequence map and some institutions already examined the mummies. Fuck this guy. Obnoxious inflated ego bullshitter.

  7. Wow. I guess he hasn’t considered there are a variety of NHI, that they may have been here longer than us or the manipulation of human DNA (so we look like them). Don’t know whats going on with these mummies at the mo. Michael P Masters considers them fake due to lack of articulation.

  8. Remember people, Neil may not agree wholeheartedly like us fellow veterans in this dark tunnel. But nonetheless this is important because Neil is kinda the face of science to the public. Him talking about this, even in a slap your forehead kinda way is a positive effort towards disclosure. He is there to give uneducated ( in the ufo field “Ufology” ) a chance to look at the truth while still giving them an out so if their mind rejects it they can crawl back into their own comfort zone of how they view the world. It is our job as fellow humans to help these people along, to help them make the transition to this new reality. We have never been alone.

  9. The first part about the scientific method was good.

    Then the second part about alien biology was just an uneducated rant by someone who just moments before, stated that he’s no biologist, and had no business dealing with alien bodies

  10. So much hate, jealousy, most likely based on racism. The guy made a perectly reasonable statement. He did not project any doubt in the validity of the mummies. He just said more ppl need to take samples and come up with their own answers instead of one university in peru that lost its academic accreditation

  11. Neil has often rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest defense contractors, seems like anyone with a connection to big defense contractors vehemently deny the existence of UFO’s and Aliens.

    Ask yourself, why?

  12. This dude went from “woah he’s a cool scientist and shit” to “yo this mofo is a Hollywood scientist” hell he has that douche Seth’s number (Family Guy) on retainer. This dude only cares about his fame.

  13. I love how he makes fun of the fact they look human and they “shouldn’t” after saying at the beginning why he turned it down was because he’s not a biologist and it should be a biologist because “I’m not a biologist, I’m an Astrophysicist”. FFS which is it NEIL?! Seems to me I recall many biologists who’ve spoken about this over the years have said aliens probably would be “humanoid” looking because evolutionarily it’s a great design that makes it easier to use the tools needed to make ships. I suppose they could look like an octopus. Octopi can use tools. I find it very condescending to say I’m not a biologist and a biologist should look at that and then rant about it being dumb they look humanoid.

  14. For everyone agreeing he shouldn’t go because he’s right “it’s not his expertise”. He literally said at the beginning of all this back when the mummies were revealed by Mexico that he wanted to be invited to study them. Even if it’s not his “expertise” don’t you all think he has some biologist buddies he could call up to go with him? Think this through because I’m a scientist too. I’m not a biologist or an astrophysicist because I don’t think like that. My field is psychology, and also leadership and policy analysis, which is steeped in psychology as well and I taught at a university for over 10 years. If they had invited me to go look hell to the fvck yes I’d go and look. I have “biologist friends” i can call up to take with me because they have the expertise that I don’t. And I’m not “Harvard “ trained. I still have a shit ton of friends who have their doctorate in biology. Come on guys! He’s NDT and he’s Harvard trained! He absolutely knows plenty of Harvard biologists and probably 100 others he’s met along the way. He could have accepted on the condition that he’s bringing 3-5 of his biologist friends with him. Him turning it down on the fact he’s not trained in biology, only astrophysics…that’s a lame excuse for someone who has connections everywhere. Give me a break.

  15. Neil is a smug motormouth with a god complex who sucks the air out of every room he walks into like some kind of narcissistic science vampire and the second I hear his voice in a video I curse my algorithms and gag and lament poor mankind for suffering through his media presence

  16. Anyone else think it’s weird that I post this and over 80 comments appear all trash talking Neil and yet no upvotes or down votes. All this engagement but none translates to the posts Karma. That simply doesn’t happen in the wilds of Reddit. That is suspicious as fuck. I’m 95% certain that 90% of you commenting are part of the programs designed to discourage and discredit any and all talk about aliens being real. Seriously…I’ve had posts that had less substance get more upvotes/downvotes with only 5 people actually contributing to the comment section. Pretty sure the CIA has total control over these subreddits. Whether or not the other mods are aware is just speculation. But the numbers and law of averages doesn’t lie.

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