Может ли кто-нибудь повторить то, что этот пользователь написал о религии и возможности существования Иисуса как потустороннего существа? Публикация была удалена

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Может ли кто-нибудь повторить то, что этот пользователь написал о религии и возможности существования Иисуса как потустороннего существа? Публикация была удалена

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  1. I’ve always wondered if Jesus was an alien sent to earth to teach mankind love and healing and test them to see if they were ready for their next step in spiritual evolution and technology, and we failed that test HARD. We didn’t just ignore him, we crucified, and now even the churches have lost the meaning and intent of his messages, using a surface level understanding to control the masses and justify bigotry, while the true message of his teachings are buried beneath hidden meanings.

    I grew up in the church and always thought this made sense.

  2. UFO investigator here on and off since the 1980s. The True insider stories have always been consistent about this matter going back to the 1980s.

    Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha and many other prophets of our religions. Were sent/created by the beings we know as Tall Whites/Nordics. It was a Social Engineering product to breed aggression and warfare out of the human species.

    The Tall Whites are a peaceful and deeply spiritual civilization. They were and still are concerned about the human species tendency to violence and warfare. Soooo before we achieved interstellar space flight it was a project to pacify us, so the transfer of our race deep space flight would not be one conquest but exploration and benefit the races that we would encounter. This was done not make us more conquerable either but instead so we would peacefully join the ‘Galactic Congress’ if you will.

    They the Tall Whites and Nordics have been manipulating our development and tweaking it time to time since we crawled out of the caves.

    This fact, pisses off our militaries and powers that be. Their intentions might be good. But it’s manipulation nonetheless. We have no say in the matter. We ARE NOT in control even of our own development as civilization.

  3. If it was the post about the «angel who boned Mary», it was ridiculous. Nowhere in the Bible is it even alluded to such a thing happening, the angel was basically there to deliver a message. There were other ignorant theories in that post, like the one about Jesus being white, which is clearly false. Regardless of one’s beliefs, Jesus did exist, most of the debate is about Jesus being God, not about him as a historical figure (which is widely recognised).
    The post was ignorant, bordering on trolling, and it’s why it was probably removed. Don’t worry, you haven’t lost much.

  4. Don’t have to read it.

    Jesus was just a dude who talked a lot of people into following him. I suspect his family was big in politics.

    Sorry if that doesn’t match the story you were…


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  6. There are many books that state the holy grail is the alien blood line of our ruling elite as they moved from Babylonian, to Egypt, to Greece, Rome, Amsterdam, London. It’s not Jesus’s blood line, but that of the people that penned all these stories, created structures of power such as religion. It’s why our rulers interbreed — to maintain what’s left of their «blue» blood lines, etc, etc. If I remember correctly, it is at odds with the Jewish story, so you are likely to be cancelled as antisemitic for even entertaining the idea.

  7. Idk what the post says but my personal theory on this would be that the angels that showed up to mary were aliens. They probably have very very advanced non sexual reproduction technology so they probably did some shit with that. They dont have sex organs supposedly so there has to be sometjing they use to reproduce. I wonder if they attempted that on mary and then jesus was born

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