Считаете ли вы, что, несмотря на все эти разговоры о грядущем «событии», открытый контакт в этом десятилетии неизбежен?

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В течение многих лет шли разговоры о предстоящем «событии», которое будет потрясающим по масштабу и воздействию и докажет раз и навсегда, что мы не одиноки. Недавнее усиление активности правительства в отношении НЛО и UAP, похоже, указывает на то, что на горизонте маячит нечто большое. Как вы думаете, что это может быть? Как все это может пойти наперекосяк?


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  1. Reasons for first contact:

    1. Assimilate us into the galactic community
    2. Assimilate/annex us into their galactic empire
    3. Protect us from self destruction (Zoo theory)
    4. Protect us from hostile alien civilizations
    5. Destroy us because we are a long term potential threat (manufactured disease would be easiest)
    6. Enslave us

  2. I think aliens have seen how humans treat each other and how we treat the planet and most likely want to avoid us at all costs. A meeting would be a force of accident on their part I’m guessing. If we space traveled and came across a planet we could survive on but the top “intelligent” species was as reckless and hostile as we are would we want to say hello? Humans can’t even handle Tide Pods. How are we going to handle aliens?

  3. If you want to make money for relatively no work, are willing to lie to anyone, and happy to capitalize off of phenomenon humanity does not yet understand, then I’ve got a deal for you! Make up a story about a coming event based on a phenomenon you don’t know shit about and then give a talk! start a website! forge your credentials! write a book! and voila! you’re making money!

  4. The Law of One says that we are past due for the time of the «harvest» that comes every 75k years. If that is true and perhaps maybe the so called «Rapture» is enlightenment/»harvest.» Honestly, it seems like things are lining up. Then, if you really are into the WOOO, the Encounters episode 4 episode introduces a lady who claims to be alien and speaks the light language. She says she is basically here for the show, which further points to the harvest, if you believe in The Law of One. So there is that. Fun!


    Can’t wait for all the stupid comments, downvoting and then after a while, a usually decent back and forth.

  5. I’ve been a UFO investigator on and off since the 1980s. In that time I’ve talked to off the record real insiders. So inside the loop, some of them even «erased» when their former bosses got wind of them talking.

    This disclosure and we’re on the cusp of «Worldwide First Contact» game is played out every 3 years or so since the 1980s.

    It hasn’t happened and won’t happen. Because of two reasons. 1 being there is profit BIG profit to be made by keeping hush hush about pre-engineered alien technology. Where do you think your Smartphone came from? For example. Look how many corporations are profiting off it. From the chips to the apps you download to it! That’s just one example!

    They are NOT going to give up that secret for some foolish idealism of «Benefit Humanity» .. The world has NEVER worked that way.

    2. Most of the ‘visitors’ want NOTHING to do with us. They’re MORE interested in the bio-diversity on this planet. Which is a RARE RARE thing out there in the cosmos. We’re just lucky to live on a Rare Rare Jewel in the Galaxy. Their interest in us. Is just another life form on the planet.

  6. Do you mean open contact with humanity as a whole or open contact with secretive, dishonest governments? There is a huge difference. The way it seems to me, aliens could do the friendly, ET movie-style meet and greet with governments and we’d hear absolutely nothing about it.

    Why tell us when they’re busy selling reverse-engineered crap to corporations and making money from it? We all know human beings are good until money enters the picture. We have intelligent life and we don’t get to learn from them because money-addicted creeps run the entire show.

    Just like every other problem in our society, money is at the root of it all. Until people who aren’t burdened by wealth addiction get to have a vote in the matter, I don’t expect anything to change.

  7. Not sure. I see this viewpoint a lot and not sure where it originated from. I always thought they left it as a choice for us but I guess they chomping at the bit to reveal themselves. Which is it? Do they want to reveal themselves soon or they willing to wait another few hundred years until we (as a species) are truly ready to deal with the truth? Isn’t there some kind of galactic non-interventionist law they have to respect? I think most humans on earth are not ready right now (you can see this from the barage of daily skeptics coming on here) and it would destabilize governments around the world.

  8. The event is maybe something like the magnetic pole flip which will cause events like the Culebra event to happen. What if there is two possibilities? One path ‘they’ help save as many humans as possible during the event and the second path is they let the flip do whatever it is going to do to us.

    Also maybe the more we know about ‘them’ the less likely they would be to help us for any number of reasons.

    There are plenty of signs of pole reversal happening in the next 20ish years although my gut says it will happen sooner. Whether that involves catastrophes or just a quick near instantaneous flip and flip back of the magnetic poles I couldn’t possibly know.

  9. People will be delighted to realize that we are merely genetically altered chimpanzees, carrying external GPUs for their AI calculations (our brains). And that we get into interstellar war if we stand up. But hey, let‘s fight them

  10. According to the book “Dimensions” by Jacques Vallee, the experiences of people who report being abducted by aliens shares so many similarities with reports of encounters with demons, fairies, and other “supernatural” entities, going back centuries, that it’s impossible to believe that the experiences aren’t the same. 400 years ago the concept of aliens and uap’s practically didn’t exist. So if someone from that time was awoken from their sleep, paralyzed and taken away by small creatures who did weird things to them, they would report being taken by demons or whatever kind of supernatural entity did those kinds of things to people according to their culture. There are just too many similarities for it to not be the same thing. That leaves only two possibilities 1 Aliens have been abducting humans for centuries. Or 2 it’s something else entirely that still can’t be explained. The indisputable fact that there are uap flying around definitely suggests that they are the product of advanced technology, making It possible for it to be aliens, and considering the frequency of craft being seen included with abduction reports makes it reasonable to connect the two. That leaves the question- what the hell are they doing? If they have been abducting people for hundreds of years what could they possibly have left to find out about us? If they are that much more technically advanced than us then it shouldn’t take them that long to “study” us. None of it makes any sense at all. I wouldn’t pretend to understand the logic used by an alien species (if they exist) so any assumption would be pure speculation. Yet if they were able to get here in their ships then they have to be technically advanced and any species capable of that would have to possess some kind of logical reasoning. Yet nothing that we know seems to follow any logic.

  11. The «event» stuff amounts to rumor, for the most part. There are some hints of a strong impetus from the congressional side of things — but that could purely be a matter of tactics to force disclosure and not indicative of anything related to the phenomenon. Past that, we really only have some oblique suggestions, a scarce handful of claims from a few «in the know» figures (just Ramirez, to the extent of my knowledge), and then a whooooole lot of claims from the woo caucus.

    That last one is to such an voluminous extent that r/experiences, which is like NHI Woo-Central, explicitly bans serious talk of apocalyptics and giga-bans specific dates or messianic revelations.* So, I’m really not taking that line of evidence seriously (except in the *hiiiiighly* unlikely event someone from that crowd definitively exhibits legit woo as real beyond a reasonable doubt, but I ain’t holding my breath for that).

    All told, there isn’t much good reason to accept the idea of such imminent extraordinary/revelatory happenings. Its a really hard sell for anyone not predisposed to or already believing in such things.

    * I find their reasoning for this fascinating, personally. In their view, NHI cannot be trusted to truthfully convey such knowledge and that beings doing so are actively deceptive. That such beings say shit like this all the time and have for basically forever. The veracity of such experiences is taken as a given and the NHI-ness is accepted up front. «Of course they’re real, but you should be highly skeptical of what they say, and you should reject it outright if they tell you the end is coming or that you’re the Chosen One.» Its just such a fascinating policy and reasoning to me. Apparently a lot of people are having some pretty vivid experiences with a curious consistency, cause or nature of such experiences aside (ie real or purely psychological being beside the point in this observation).

  12. IF ET are really visiting they aren’t here to kill harvest or enslave us, they would’ve done it a long time ago.

    Now if you want a more grounded reason why ET would be kept hidden: petroleum and fossil fuels.

    To make any kind of meaningful use of interstellar travel would mean they are using, if not than something similar in energy yields to, a zero point energy device.
    That kind of power would render fossil fuel near useless… what’s left for all the big oil countries to produce now?
    Release of that kind of tech would destabilize the world economy and plunge us into some serious armed conflicts, and if history taught us anything we would probably weaponize it, keep this in mind when thinking of your «event».

    IF ET is real we’re definitely not at the top of the food chain but who gives a damn, most of the world believes in ET so this isn’t gonna be some existential nightmare or somber moment, we’ll take note and keep working 9-5!

    The powers that be also want conflict. IF ET shows up we will likely stage an attack and blame them at some point after we’ve had enough time to understand their technology.

    Heres a crazy hypothetical:

    Imagine in 2027 we have first contact, 2030 they authenticate those MH370 satellite videos, blame it on ET so we go to war, 2040 we find out it was Raytheon’s weapon all along.

    It would tidy up all the loose ends…

    Sounds like a fun book, movie, video game… what’s Spielbergs phone number again?

    But I digress, the tech would destabilize the world not the ETs existence any «event» outside of genuine first contact will likely be staged to keep us sheep in line.
    It’s not a coincidence that free energy scientists have very short life spans.

  13. What talk of an “event”? I would love to be around for open first contact with an intelligent ET species, but this sounds like more psychic/prophecy bullshit than anything UFO related.

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