Нил Деграсс Тайсон: «Узнайте, что это такое. Я хочу быть в безопасности от странных вещей в небе».

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Нил Деграсс Тайсон: «Узнайте, что это такое. Я хочу быть в безопасности от странных вещей в небе».

Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Find out what it is. I want to be safe from weird stuff in the skies”
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24 комментарий для “Нил Деграсс Тайсон: «Узнайте, что это такое. Я хочу быть в безопасности от странных вещей в небе».”
  1. He’s arrogant, and was making fun of people about UFOs a few months ago. Also his comment about access is cringe. He’s full of himself and doesn’t know how to regulate

  2. What happened to there’s no such thing, Neil is the only one with common sense, everyone is clearly crazy and stupid and can’t think, Neil?

    Fucking blowhard. “I’m going to assume I know more than you, despite we just met, because I talk to people. What an asshole.”

  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson appeared on the Theories of Everything podcast with Curt Jaimungal. This is a clip near the end of their discussion.

    In the clip, Tyson says he agrees funding should be spend studying UAP. He even acknowledges funding already being spent in the DoD, NASA, and “probably” the NSA. He further states he has never said that funding shouldn’t be spent.

    At times, the discussion gets “animated,” (Tyson’s wording), but I think we’re starting to see Tyson accept the reality that the scientific community is moving forward with this, whether he likes it or not.

    [Full podcast on Theories of Everything](https://youtu.be/HhWWlJFwTqs)

  4. NDT seems genuinely rattled. He’s realised that the recent and upcoming disclosures are potentially going to expose him as having being spectacularly wrong on our species’ defining scientific question. No wonder he’s so salty!

  5. I love Curt’s show and I love how he conducts himself, I do NOT feel the same way about Neil. It’s not surprising that Neil showed his ass yet again. I will not be watching this episode.

  6. I can’t even make it to the end of this clip without commenting twice. Fuck you NDT. Arrogant little shit head. Disgrace to mankind. You are nothing like Carl Sagan. Fuck you you fucking cunt. Arrogant little shit

  7. I used to like NDT….but he is clearly so egotistical, I just can’t. The more podcast discussions I see him in, the more damage he does to his credibility. Cosmos was cool Neil… but we may potentially learn something soon that will shatter your paradigm of our history. Be open to that and own up to your past criticisms on the subject. Otherwise you just look like someone who rides whatever wave is popular in the moment.

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