(Доктор Шон Киркпатрик) сказал: «У нас нет убедительных доказательств того, что что-либо из этого имеет внеземное происхождение». … свидетели звонили мне после, и они такие: «Какого хрена !?» Они такие: «О чем он говорит? Мы сказали ему названия программ, над чем работали!» Они были в гневе!

(Доктор Шон Киркпатрик) сказал: «У нас нет убедительных доказательств того, что что-либо из этого имеет внеземное происхождение». … свидетели звонили мне после, и они такие: «Какого хрена !?» Они такие: «О чем он говорит? Мы сказали ему названия программ, над чем работали!» Они были в гневе!

35 комментариев для “(Доктор Шон Киркпатрик) сказал: «У нас нет убедительных доказательств того, что что-либо из этого имеет внеземное происхождение». … свидетели звонили мне после, и они такие: «Какого хрена !?» Они такие: «О чем он говорит? Мы сказали ему названия программ, над чем работали!» Они были в гневе!

  1. Submission Statement: I know people dislike Corbell, but these kinds of statements are being repeated by so many other people (like Joe Murgia) for a reason—*the real story about the whistleblowers is finally getting out*, and that’s why the word on the street is that Kirkpatrick is being ousted.

  2. I dunno, I think we need to be really discriminating in our thinking about this.

    Say a number of folks talked to Kirkpatrick/AARO, and gave him program names, and made allegations about, I dunno, recovered crafts, greys in vats, you know.

    Now lets suppose Kirkpatrick doesn’t have access to those programs. Can’t get access to those programs.

    As a scientist, from a scientific frame of reference, can Kirkpatrick say he has seen solid evidence that UAP are ET in nature, anything like that?

    Of course not. He has no data to evaluate. He might not even be able to get a confirmation from inside the system that a program with that name exists or ever existed. Compartmented program names *themselves* are highly classified.

    Kirkpatrick and AARO at large might be very frustrating. Might be playing games as far as how they phrase things. However, I don’t think this means he’s actually lying, necessarily. He probably does not know – and this is very likely by design.

  3. Honestly, it sounds like a word trap. The more relevant question is. » Is any of this man made?» Using dodgy statements about what it is NOT, or how conclusive things may or may not be to point at something speculative… that’s just deflection.

  4. When I was a younger man, I used to eagerly await the next UFO book, TV show, or whatever. Now, as an older man, I’m like the bull on top of the hill. I’m gonna just walk down the hill, and see what’s what, but damned if I’m gonna run anymore.

  5. The more obvious lie in Kirkpatrick’s testimony is that none of the physical objects that have been observed behaved in a way outside the bounds of known physics.

    The declassified information that has been made public in recent years shows that this statement is patently untrue.

    The public now possesses declassified information from the U.S. Armed Forces that shows, incontrovertibly, that many of these phenomena are (1.) physical objects that (2.) are demonstrably under intelligent control and that (3.) are capable of movements far outside the bounds of known physics and existing U.S. technology.

    Congress has also received testimony that these particular phenomena are not U.S. in origin, so the only three possibilities left are (1.) a foreign country, (2.) private-sector interests, or (3.) at least one exotic intelligence. And, the former two seem significantly more improbable than the last one, at this point, especially when one considers the freedom these objects have demonstrated in being able to operate across all domains, including underwater and outer space.

    The «TicTac-shaped» object observed off the coast of San Diego, for instance, was first detected traveling at hypersonic speeds from above the RADAR ceiling (80,000 feet) to the ocean surface.

  6. I’m not sure why these whistleblowers are pissed. What did they think would happen? Let’s say they reveal the whole 9 yards with program names, locations, craft details, etc. What is Kirkpatrick’s next step? Tell the world aliens are real? No, of course not. The next step is to pull the string on these programs and attempt to get further explanations and if possible, some hard evidence. The programs aren’t going to shrug and just admit everything and hand over the goods. They are going to lie, obfuscate and delay. Kirkpatrick may never get the answers he’s looking for out of these programs and if he does, I can guarantee it won’t be a quick process.

  7. I think people aren’t appreciating Kirkpatrick’s position. For anybody in this position to stay in this position and to do this work right, they need to wait until they have conclusive evidence or they risk being removed from the work if their superiors think that they’re not being scientific and objective enough in their approach.

    Those who watched that program weren’t listening carefully to what Kirkpatrick said. He compared the orb to the jet video to show the difference between something with normal characteristics (the jet) and something with abnormal characteristics (the orb).

    He then made a point to describe the orbs and said they make up over 51% of cases, and went as far as to say «THAT is what we’re looking for, and trying to understand what that is.»

    He’s dropping clear hints here as to what it is, why it’s different, and people are just so hyperfocused on him not saying in plain language that it’s aliens that they’re missing those hints, and for now, he has to speak in that way if he wants to preserve his job and continue doing this work until he has something more conclusive to show.

    It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t explicitly said it’s aliens yet because he knows what this is and he wrote that [paper](https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2004AIPC..699.1230A/abstract) with Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb speculating that it could be aliens.

    That paper speaks for itself, so to think that he isn’t open-minded to the alien angle is ridiculous and he’s obviously our guy who is likely to conclude aliens in public once he has more evidence to do so. If he were attempting to cover-up anything, that paper wouldn’t exist with his name on it.

    Like Kirkpatrick says, «we need to go where the data leads» and Nolan and Joe Blow on Twitter saying they know whistleblowers is not data. You guys need to come up with better sources, and I say that as a full believer in all this.

  8. This someone, quoting corbell, who sayssome people are complaining to him, about how Kirkpatrick, on twitter. Literally nothing in this is verifiable. Literally nothing. Its just a giant game of telephone. Everyone involved could be lying, and you could not tell.

  9. Everything is subjective without physical proof. Why is it no one understands that? Now, I’ve seen a UAP before but it was just that, a UAP. I didn’t film it and didn’t have any other witnesses. It didn’t land in front of me and I didn’t shoot it down. Nothing to prove my story and why should you believe me? I have nothing but my word. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. We all just need concrete evidence. Something that defies all conjecture and is beyond the proof that we are being visited by something non-human.

  10. Kirkpatrick should be fired. He almost sounds like Condon to be honest. If you don’t think it’s even conceivable that NHI exists well it’s unlikely you’re ever going to find it. Especially when there are a lot of people who are hell bent on stopping you.

  11. I want so bad for there to be alien’s inside the UFO’s. But I don’t believe there are aliens operating UFO’S on earth. There would be 1 alien video for every 10 legit UFO videos. But their is zero alien videos wich tells me all the UFO’S are black projects, designed by US. The UFO thing is a fact. I have seen a UFO so I am a believer in them but at no time did I feel it was extraterrestrial. I don’t care about UFOS anymore I want to see them land and the aliens get out

  12. Kirkpatrick’s every word would have been carefully vetted and given the go ahead. He said CONCLUSIVE and EXTRATERRESTRIAL. Does witness testimony provide that? No. A UAP could land in your back garden, do a couple spins and fly off again and you still would not have CONCLUSIVE evidence of anything EXTRATERRESTRIAL. For it to be that, they would at least need to provide programme names, then walk him into the room and show him the tech and data showing that the materials are not earth based. We know this wouldn’t have happened due to his clearance issues. Especially if DOE are involved. Intelligence officials will not offer any information they weren’t directly asked for. For instance, if on the inside they knew this was inter-dimensional or ultra-terrestrial, they could publicly deny the existence of anything extraterrestrial until the mutilated cows come home, as “extraterrestrial” is the go to term when asked publicly. For me personally his statement was very juicy and not the wet squib it’s being taken for in the general public.

  13. I just really hope they don’t end up using NHI as an explanation for everything. That’d be a fucking lie. There’s more than reverse engineering efforts. There are actual engineering efforts, using human tech, to do many of the things we see NHI craft do.

    It’s not just ET that we see. In my opinion it’s ET maybe 5% of the time. The rest is either our own stuff, or stuff that isn’t ours that we’re trying to understand.

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