Кто-нибудь знает видео, показанное в этом?

Любопытно узнать немного больше об этом видео и о том, когда имело место свидетельство.

Does anyone know the video featured in this?
byu/KryptonianJesus inaliens

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  1. Video featured here is a edit of a recreation made by someone else as a demonstration of what happened, i never really looked into it further then taking the guys word at face value since we cant have the actual video

  2. Maybe we should get rid of nuclear weapons? I mean they can’t be any good if we’ve got aliens disabling them. That tells us right there we are fucking with the wrong technologies.

    I’m wondering if real, how many chances do we get to correct are mistakes? If aliens are standing by watching, eventually they won’t continue giving us chances.

    This is beyond crazy that any superpower has nuclear weapons. They should all agree to disarm them because it’s a game of chicken.

    I wish they were never even invented.

  3. Considering that wasn’t a real nuclear bomb, but a dummy one, the aliens are pretty stupid or they can’t just identify nuclear stuff correctly.

    Who knows why they never deactivated any of the thousand real bombs launched for tests by many countries.

  4. I remember seeing the original video on an episode of larry king back when he was on cnn. Looked like original footage that he showed. Im sure if you look hard enough, you can find the episode where they show it.

  5. Just here me out…with various stories of aliens, planets etc. maybe we can take into the possibilities that these are the fallen angels(aliens) to us. They were cast down from the main heaven to the earth. I’m not asking for a frivolous debate; I am asking to think from a different perspective. I personally believe that these creatures are exactly this. How? Anything is possible in a lab these days. Look how they spliced two male mice genomes up to make a baby. They had to do it the unnatural way but they did it. Could never happen naturally. Nonetheless we are not alone.

  6. **It was an atmospheric kill vehicle, we had the tech back then….**

    That is why he was given the job and equipment to film it. At that time, and still somewhat, that technology was to be kept a secret, thus them taking the video for Military high ups on that bigot list.

    From what I have gathered, he is not lying about what he saw but embellishing a little on the quick movements of that vehicle that took out the missile… We operated on «mutually assured destruction» that kept the US and Russia from not exchanging and although it probably wouldn’t have prompted an exchange, it would have shown that the US was capable to taking theirs down possibly causing more conflict between the two nations. That is why it was hush hush.

    **Still possible** it was a UFO, but given enough research and the reason he was filming, brings this probability waaaayyyy down.

  7. E.T.s or supposed E.T.s, will not allow humans to destroy Earth. They could care less if we all died. Earth is a jewel in this galaxy. Most likely sourced for minerals and metals, not just by us, but by others. Also nuclear explosions disrupts the fabric of space. Nuclear bombs are a threat to all. A planet steaming with life and riches, of only we valued our planet.

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