Интересный клип с недавней конференции вопросов и ответов Брэндона Фугала.

Интересный клип с недавней конференции вопросов и ответов Брэндона Фугала.

Interesting clip from Brandon Fugal’s recent Q&A conference
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  1. A lot of folks gripe about Fugal and Skinwalker but regardless, he makes a lot of sense in this clip. There isn’t anyone that’s serving in our government that is capable of knowing what to do if we are indeed dealing with ETI. Hopefully they would take the curious and peaceful approach if they have assessed that ETI doesn’t pose a direct threat but again how would you even know

  2. I think its fascinating, especially considering Travis Taylor was offer «lead scientist» roll.with the government for what he reported to them regarding findings from the ranch.
    I really think that the government or powers that be will not allows everything from the filming to be revealed.. There is some really next level.stuff going on there, got me thinking where this phenomena may be occurring in other parts of this planet?

  3. The tree of disinformation is so large that it can be hard to tell what is real. The only truth is that you do not know. He who speak loudest knows the least. He who never speaks knows all. To know the universe is to know thyself. When you turn off the noise and go deep within yourself you will see. I am he and you are me and we are all together.

  4. The thing people don’t realize about fugal, is he doesn’t do this for money. He is one of, if not the most successful land developer in utah which is one of the fastest growing economies in the country. He is heavily involved in the tech boom here and it’s development. Skinwalker ranch would literally hurt his reputation and future earnings if it turned out to be nothing. He’s been passionate about the topic since he was a child as well so at the very worst he’s a true believer who is seeing what he wants to see but the fact is that he wouldn’t have been as successful as he is if he was completely out of touch with reality. Like Jacque valle has said, it’s the billionaires who don’t bat an eye about these topics, that’s probably because they’re at the top of the information food chain and know deep secrets about our reality and history.

  5. Who the hell is Brandon Fugal really!? A figurehead for the Federal Government, just so they don’t need be the «official» owner of the Ranch?

    I wonder why don’t the Government just seize the property if all this is true though?

  6. Massive skinwalker fan. The amount of money spent on doing their experiments does imply they are trying to find something. Not sure it would be there but stilll. It does connect a lot of dots

  7. I seen one in my room a out line of one then abscess in my stomach a week later a day before I seen almond shaped alien 👽 looking at me while sleeping then the angels and light from the heavens came, beloved or not it 💯 percent true !

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