Наблюдение отца Гилла, Папуа-Новая Гвинея, 1959 год.

Этот случай мне очень интересен, потому что у меня почему-то сложилось впечатление, что тема UAP и ET не очень хорошо воспринимается христианскими и католическими общинами. И все же этот отец Гилл был готов «выйти наружу» со своим наблюдением в Папуа-Новой Гвинее, где он и его прихожане стали свидетелями того, как UAP парил над его церковью (ссылка на видео ниже). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I75neaOIGE Для меня это добавляет дополнительный вес, потому что он сделал это, несмотря на свои убеждения, посреди миссии по распространению Божьих слов в Папуа-Новой Гвинее. Обсуждалось ли это наблюдение на этой подводной лодке ранее?

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  1. I may drift to much off topic.

    But I just want to rise awareness about that channel.
    As huge and incredible his library of eyewitnesses and other great documentarys about ufos are.
    The channel owner is very biased.
    I recently wanted to share information about the UFO incident over china, he posted weeks ago.
    But all my comments, sharing evidence that his footage was thrown together from different incidents, were removed immediately.

    I checked with some alt accounts, and figured out, that he withholds every comment, until he approved it. It may appear like it was posted, and everyone can read it, but only for you.

    Netherless, I love his work, dedication and huge awesome library of Ufo encounters.

    But I’m a bit sad that he is not interested for a open debate, because there are now some people believing in the china Ufo case. And I was floored when I saw it too. To be honest.

    If anyone is interested what I found.
    The incident over china, happened very likely.
    But the pictures shown of alleged UFOs, are longtime exposures from passing by airplanes.
    The first video with the laser beams, was not recorded in china. It was allegedly recorded near Paris. And send to a YouTube channel called Secureteam10.
    I found a Arabic news site, talking to the owner of secureteam 10 and how they obtained the footage. Very likely fake.
    Second footage seems to be from a Arabic movie or a documentary. I couldn’t find any further information regard this video. Can’t say it’s fake or real.

  2. I heard about it on the Kelley Chase Rabbit Hole pod cast most recently, but I had heard of it before at some point also. Said tall blonde headed people actually were standing up in the convertible type UFO and waved back to everyone… strange. But if it was a hoax it would be unbelievable in 1959. I don’t know why a missionary and an African tribe (actually a Southeast Asian tribe) would want to make such an outlandish claim…

    Correction. There are 4 Guinea countries. I am sorry I get them mixed
    up. New Guinea is an island country just above Australia… but the point I am making remains the same.

  3. How is this trolling? — if the only response to a reasoned analysis is ‘moderating’ (and ultimately removing) a disagreeable post then you’re fucked. Pretty ironic, really — I thought you guys hated a cover up.

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