В 2002 году человек по имени Василий Голощапов заснял НЛО «Сфера» в России.

В 2002 году человек по имени Василий Голощапов заснял НЛО «Сфера» в России. Видео стабилизировано и показывает, как объект движется вверх и вниз, а также слева направо.

In 2002, a man named Vasily Goloschapov filmed a «Sphere» UFO in Russia. The video is stabilized and shows the object moving up and down, as well as left to right.
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  1. This is about as close to what I could explain I saw south of Charlotte about three months ago.

    We get planes over all the time including small private jets.

    I was walking with my wife and was just panning around looking behind us for cars as we were going to cross the street to head for a bike path.

    This little dark ball goes floating across the sky silently. Maybe 200 ft off the ground.

    I have my own recreational drone so I’m well aware of how much noise they make as well as what their silhouette looks like. This thing looked perfectly round and just made a B line off to the east.

    No up, down or quick movements just fast and straight. At first I thought balloon on an air current but we had a small twin engine plane go by maybe 2-3 min later. Not chasing or anything, but it seemed like it was barely moving in comparison to the object we saw.

    My wife who does not believe in aliens just dismissed it as trash or a balloon but it showed no characteristics of a balloon.

    I still have no idea what it was but it was quick. I tracked it until I couldn’t see it and unfortunately neither of us took our phones with us. Better believe I was reaching for my phone but of course, no go.

  2. Okay so I have a video of a ufo sphere similar in shape and size to this one I’ve shown people and it even disappears Ethel video then reappears that’s about the only highlight to it but it’s a perfectly round sphere moving south to north in MN , I am amazed that I was the only one to see it and so glad I caught it on camera because I sound crazy when I bring it up and talk to people about ufos then say I’ve seen one . I also have a fair bit of knowledge of aircraft and other objects in that area and this was definitely out of the ordinary and just bizarre to be human manufactured equipment in general.

  3. [https://web.archive.org/web/20180328210223/http://googleufonews.com/unidentified-aerial-phenomenon-could-this-old-vhs-video-be-a-genuine-uap/](https://web.archive.org/web/20180328210223/http://googleufonews.com/unidentified-aerial-phenomenon-could-this-old-vhs-video-be-a-genuine-uap/) Vasily Goloschapov “July 2, 2002, near Perm anomaly zone I have managed to shoot a UFO on my video camera (it was already the third time since 1995). Studio PRO producer V.G. (Yekaterinburg) who was doing this investigation of this case admitted: “To be honest I was shocked. It was so real and simple. It behaves very intelligently. At first, it jumps like a ball, hanged on rubber and then it maneuvered left and right. The distance to the object was approximately 350-200 meters. I’d never seen this kind of video before….. [more on website]
    The archived site also has a link to a video of the actual site which has the date 3/6/2002 on the video verifying the date of the year it was filmed.

  4. Would have loved to see this until the end. I wonder if the sphere flies off out of range? Those are usually the most convincing moments for me—sudden angular acceleration to high soeeds

  5. I’m normally skeptical as hell but I like this video very much.

    I don’t see any aliens, but that sure as hell looks like some kind of advanced surveillance tech to me, and not a hoax or confusion.

  6. I honestly do think it is something from not on this planet . I also would not be surprised if it was USA technology as much money that has been pumped into military endeavors for the last like what 60-80 years

  7. The craft I saw in 2009 was NOT one of these but it appeared to be searching for something or taking samples / scanning a over small river…maybe they are all testing…sampling…

  8. IMO, it looks 90% believable.

    If the camera were on a tripod, people would easily debate that it was a simple CG job. The fact that it’s stabilized video adds some credibility to the claim that it was not only verifiably recorded that way, but also that the object doesn’t behave like a balloon.

    To state the obvious, the hallmarks of a great hoax is the tireless handiwork of an artist. But one day, when people get serious and stop clout-chasing, it will be enough to register a sighting without having to produce multiple angles and witnesses, infrared, radar, organic tissue samples, a living alien, etc.

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