Этот ответ был, мягко говоря, неубедительным.

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Этот ответ был, мягко говоря, неубедительным.

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  1. Well, he didn’t say he wasn’t going to support it. Also, 99% chance this was typed by office staff or maybe even auto created as a form letter due to the number of messages received.

  2. I wrote to my senator a month or so ago about the Schumer amendment specifically. I got a partisan response back about how republicans are bad, etc. It wasn’t constructive and did not address anything I said. These politicians don’t take the time to listen to people. Corporations are the new people!

    I emailed my house rep yesterday with a similar message now that the bill passed the senate. We’ll see what comes of it.

  3. So between 47 and 69 they found no evidence of UFOs therefore UFOs aren’t real? 🤔 Well, we did a study of history between 1947 and 1969 and determined that there were no smartphones, therefore smartphones are not real.

    The aid that wrote that should slap themselves.

  4. The answer to all this bullshit is to stop waiting on a corrupt government to tell you anything of truth.
    Why do people insist on waiting for the government to disclose the truth about NHI? It’s like they need them to answer a question that they already know. For validation? I sure don’t need a known corrupt entity to tell me what is fact or fiction.
    When was the last thing they publicly announced that was true when involved in a known cover up?
    It’s going to be up the us ,the everyday citizen that has a logical working brain, to push this forward.

  5. This is crap. If there was no fire, there would be no smoke, and thus no reason to invest taxpayer dollars into hearings or anything else regarding UAPs. This letter reeks of “the Pentagon sat us down, showed us shit that made us wet our pants, warned us mass panic would ensue if we divulged what we know to the public, so we’re namby-pamby deflecting in weak denial mode until further notice.” Because I respect Dick Durban, this is the only rationale that makes any sense.

  6. More like the Air Force concluded that what they found would change the world and even our textbooks forever and that sweeping it under the rug and saying there’s no evidence and storing the recovered technologies and biologics in classified facilities would be way easier to do than explain everything and cause conflict with everyone’s beliefs in the world AND (most importantly) what they want YOU to believe…

  7. Intern…or AI? 🤔
    No matter.
    As Jeremy Corbel recently said (and let’s be clear, I abhor hipster culture because my beloved Portland has turned into a one-trick pony),and I trust his judgement:
    «Disclosure: we can do it the easy way or the hard way.»
    And Grusch: «The toothpaste is out of the tube».
    I agree. This isn’t going back into the shadows again. You no longer have to go to a metaphysical bookstore to be around people who believe.
    The internet is ushering Disclosure.

  8. This response was most likely written by a clueless intern or low level staffer who has zero knowledge on this topic or the extraordinary revelations from the House UAP hearing this year. Just busy as usual with our lazy and feckless Congress.

  9. You should write back a letter, it’s an email attach all the evidence of life existing on Mars at one point. Attach all the rover photos of skulls, bodies and other various evidence. Attach all the statements of usgovt and military people who have been whistle blowersgoing back to the 40s. Then you should attach a document highlighting all the money be took from groups like Lockheed Martinand ask him if he’s working for the American people or the corrupt cabal profiteering off a secret culture.

  10. I got the EXACT same email from Dick Durbin myself. I was extremely disappointed because I thought he was close with Harry Reid. He seems completely in the dark on the topic and suggests it’s our adversaries

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