Полевой стандарт MJ-12 (возврат после аварии)

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Наткнулся на это интересное практическое руководство, когда исследовал черные проекты. Я всю свою жизнь был в армии и видел руководства, написанные почти на идентичном языке, но для обычных вещей. Судя по журналам, маркам авиабазы ​​Киртланд и подробным инструкциям… эта штука выглядит очень законно. Что еще более безумно в части (Приемные сооружения), похоже, что большая часть восстановленного материала должна была быть отправлена ​​в Зону 51 (S-4). Кто бы это ни сделал, он потратил на это много времени и самоотверженности. какие у вас мысли?

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  1. This post is an amazing experience lol. ❤️

    (Page 8) «Witnesses will be discouraged from talking about what they have seen and intimidation may be necessary to ensure their cooperation.»
    That really stuck out.

  2. What’s interesting to me is that the 4chan LARPer/leaker mentioned that finding a cigar shaped craft would result in high praise and promotion with the program, as they were considered to be extremely rare. The pictured document seems to align with that statement.

    Before anyone gets their pitchforks, yes, I’m going to mention UAPmax here for a second. I understand that they are to be taken with a massive grain of salt, but I found myself thinking back to this article posted by them — https://uapmax.com/broken-aaro/ — the source in this article mentions an unclear understanding of NHI purposes on Earth, aligning with this document. His source also mentions two main species, those that look very human and “little grey” ones, just like this document does.

    It’s always interesting to me to find these little consistencies between pieces of information. It could be coincidental callbacks to known “lore” for hoaxing purposes, but it does make you pay a little more attention.

  3. One of the things that strikes me reading this document is how proper the grammar and spelling are as well as use of punctuation. Most of the fake documents i have seen are riddled with these errors. IMO this lends credence to the document. It is odd that it fails to mention the italy crash though.

  4. My current issue with MJ12 docs is that there is no mention of the supposed earliest acquisition of a crashed craft. The Magenta Italy craft. If you read the intro to the manual above the earliest retrievals mentioned are Roswell and Aztec Mexico. So I’m torn on the authenticity. Because it for sure would have been mentioned.

    So, either Grusch was fed disinfo on Magenta which means the MJ12 docs could still be authentic. Or that the MJ12 docs are fake because the magenta incident is true and there is no mention.

    Dr. Lacatski mentioned in his recent interview on Weaponized that the whole point of Counterintelligence is to deceive in the most «authentic» way possible. To make documents look like they are legit.

  5. I used to work in a TO (Technical Order) office. This looks legit. The stamp on page 2 shows the place it was housed, Kirtland AFB.

    One thing I found interesting was page 3. It shows the dates and initials of the people that checked it out. The initials belong to one service member for about 2 years. This is the usual amount of time someone is stationed somewhere on active duty.

  6. I’ve had this on my computer for a long time. It always seemed super legit to me. There is a section that talks about the alien species they know of and it’s like 24 or 25 different species. Has anyone ever been able to debunk this?

  7. I can’t even begin to imagine seeing a cigar-shaped craft (allegedly) 2,000 ft long and 95 ft wide in person…

    That’s roughly eight Boeing 747-8s (the longest commercial aircraft currently operating) put together nose to tail.

    Not to mention a craft of that size whipping through the upper atmosphere at several thousand miles per hour… 🫠

  8. I’n the description of the EBE 1, apparently they are similar looking to Asian people , brown/yellow skin, slant eyes, I was kinda thinking as well it kind of sounds like the nazca mummies that they found?

  9. Sorry for getting to this so late everyone I’m just getting off of work! For a little background on where I first saw this it was a new History channel series (forgot exactly which one)
    I‘m a fairly skeptical person but they showed these same images & I was blown away by how descriptive & detailed this handbook is. Even it were faked you could use it for legitimate purposes because it’s well written/organized.

  10. To the people saying «we know it’s fake» what would the point be?

    I’ve heard about the «Top Secret Majic eyes only» folder for 15 years. It’s always dismissed as fake. Is there anyone here who has an explanation as to WHY they would fake this much stuff.

    It’s written like alot of top secret stuff but none of its redacted from what I saw. Thay would be the only thing that says fake to me

    Typically the black squares are all Over documents like these

  11. This is a classic «leak» that’s been around for a long time. It was brought to the FBI who later confirmed it was «fake» and «bogus» (up to you whether you should believe them or not). They even took the time to write «bogus» all over the pages which I thought was really funny.

  12. Having been in military aviation with TS+ clearance, my opinion is that if you were to un-compartmentalize this information into an ops manual (a big «if»), you would not emblazoned ALIEN TECH! all over it in the standard military template form.

    This material is, by its nature, non-standard and off the books. There’d be no officer saying, «hey boys remember your staff duties training and use double spacing and remember the title has to be 16 points… We have to do this in standard template 691-d».

    You’d reference a code word or number that nobody below the clearance would recognise, have a vanilla one-line cover so a casual observer can’t glance and say «oh look an alien tech retrieval manual!». Or, more likely, it would be done verbally in a SCIF.

    The mere existence of this manual, in the form presented, says to me that someone decided to reproduce *what they thought* a period-correct manual would look like, and filled it with… fantasy.

  13. Some of the type doesn’t appear to be natural to me on the pages. Some of the headlines appear to be in a bold type that doesn’t look original to me. Maybe it is real I don’t know!

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