Расширенное окончание Citrix MH370 — утечка 4Chan

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Я только что наткнулся на это в твиттере. https://twitter.com/528vibes/status/1730985679868375525?s=43 Прошло несколько секунд после предполагаемого крушения авиалайнера. Мы видим, что сеанс Citrix заканчивается искажением пикселей. Это продолжается и продолжается и продолжается….

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  1. just gonna ask here since it’s a new post about this;

    if this is all legit, are there any theories where the people went? or why go to such vast measures using these orbs to wormhole the plane somewhere? in this context i don’t care if the video is real or fake, i care about why did this happen? even if it was a lithium battery fire, why did whoever send out these orbs to retrieve or warp it to.. wherever?

  2. The best I can tell, this clip has randomly come out of nowhere. Has anyone been able to verify a chain of custody for this clip? Where did it come from? Why is it only being discovered now when there was so much cumulative resources searching for sources a few months back where it was missed. Something seems off with it tbh

  3. If you ignore the video its still a very suspecious case. Starting with the semi conductor experts/scientists on board. That and no proof of a crash is reason enough to not ignore the case.

    And this one. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/11/passengers-malaysian-plane-mh370-iranian-forged-passports


    I mean all these things make it a bad movie ready. Without thinking of a satelite video or a ufo.

  4. Unless I’m going mad, I’m sure the Malaysian prime minister or whoever was leading the press conference when people were asking what happened, said they did in fact report seeing orbs on radar.

  5. You’ve just traveled millions of light years with vastly superior technology to watch some intelligent monkeys. And you down a random passenger airplane by accident?


  6. To keep all of you lot talking about this flight disappearing? Why, after all this time, is a new video with an extra 3 aeconds of Citrix closing down relevent to whats already been discussed on the topic. It still means nothing. Why has it taken this long for a further 3 seconds to «be released by 4chan». 2spoopy4me.

    The «zap» or boom/portal has already been debunked as old VideoFX which anybody can already see when broken down into frames.

  7. I hate skeptics and debunkers, but when they are right- they fucking are. Vfx artist literally found the asset used for the blip of the aircraft in the thermal shot.

    Also why tf is the thermal shot shaking? Isn’t it supposed to be attached to a aircraft with a stabilizer?

    I wish it was real but there’s just no way it is at this point.

  8. When the bar for truth is set low enough, everything is real. You would think that with all of the worlds information at our fingertips, people would have better critical thinking skills. Kinda sad that people choose wilful ignorance instead.

  9. The MH370, Had displayed something a UAP would do. Which is to move erratically at high speeds. It dropped and jolted upward in a short amount of time at high speeds. If my assumption is correct, it must’ve been tethered by a UAP with some kind of gravity lock or spacetime lock…

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