Записано много лет назад, объяснений так и не было… записано 1 июля 2019 года в Дель-Валле, штат Техас, в 20:41. iPhone прикреплен к лобовому стеклу.

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Я ехал на такси в Остине, штат Техас, 1 июля 2019 года. Было 8:41, и я остановился в Дель-Валле, чтобы снять закат. Видео записано с моего iPhone, из салона моей машины. Никогда не видел ничего подобного ни до, ни после, мне нужна твоя помощь, Reddit! Невооруженным глазом я этого не увидел, только через телефон. Я ударил дворники, чтобы доказать, что на лобовом стекле не какая-то фигня.

Recorded this years ago, never got an explanation…recorded July 01, 2019 in Del valle, TX 8:41 pm. iPhone mounted to my windshield.
byu/Apprehensive_Tap_331 inaliens

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  1. Looks like a smudge on your window. You’re recording through a window. You can see the water droplets on the glass 22 seconds before the video ends. You can see a spec next to the smudge that doesn’t move either.

  2. When it was zoomed out, you could see it moving ever so slightly compared to the part under the window. So it was not a smudge. (Mainly before it blurs for a moment.)

    looks like an Angel.

  3. Stuff on the inside of your windshield. Starting at 2:49, if you scroll through each frame, you will get an identical amount of parallax on the drop of water compared to the unidentified thing. This means the drop of water and the thing are approximately the same distance from the camera. If it was an object in the sky, moving the camera around would affect the object’s relative position as compared to the clouds a lot less. Plus you could have gotten out of the car and filmed it without a windshield in the way if it was in the sky.

  4. It’s a smudge on the inside of the windshield. You couldn’t see it because the camera is mounted directly in front of the smudge, blocking your perspective.

    Remove the phone from it’s mount.
    Clean the inside of your windshield really well.
    Especially clean the area in front of where your phone is mounted.
    Remount the phone in the same place with same orientation.
    Bet $100 it’s not there anymore.

  5. Why did you use your windshield washer and wipers…Why didn’t you just get out of your car..are you trying to wipe this smudge off your window..did you think it would be funny to post it here..after reading the comments I’d have to agree with the comments about its just some crap on your windshield ffs

  6. Give a Brother a break. It doesn’t look like it’s on the windshield and goes away when he moves. It looks like an object just hovering there. He even moved the camera and focuses in and out. Definitely a thing! Unexplainable!

  7. 2 mins of a smashed bug. If it were in the clouds then the clouds would be in focus, they aren’t, in fact the only other thing that is is the water drop, because it’s the same distance.

  8. Not to discredit so easily, but I’m having a hard time believing this to be anything other than a piece of bird shit on a windshield. Everything about the shape and the fact that this is filmed through a window leads me to that conclusion. Even the wiper action helps sell the notion that it’s old and dried bird-shit. Soz man, but that’s my take. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

  9. I am a believer.. My first thought was spider to tho.. An orb weaver.. Maybe have spun a web from top of car to hood.. So it looks like it’s flying.. I want ufo! And this could be one ☝️ but it could also be a 🕷️

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