Изображение, показывающее видение, которое я получил от инопланетян в самом странном сне, который мне когда-либо снился (ЧАСТЬ 2)

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Изображение, показывающее видение, которое я получил от инопланетян в самом странном сне, который мне когда-либо снился (ЧАСТЬ 2)

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  1. Can you lay this out as a document with a start and an end. Maybe you are onto something and its worth understanding what you are grasping at, but I cannot download it to my brain in this format, which I will call schizophrenia eye cancer format.

  2. The thing you get wrong is «in constant conflict with itself». I think here it helps to view it in an alchemical way. It’s in reaction with itself as a way to transmute, evolve or purify. The perception of conflict is just a byproduct of this, like heat is a byproduct of a chemical reaction.

  3. Reading this only made me closer to schizophrenia.

    **What I rescue from the image:**°Earth and population are a «farm» for aliens.

    °Brain is a machine, produce energy by thoughts and life experiences, I assume the aliens can harvest it somehow

    °Our three-dimensional world is just a construction.

    °They are making the same farms on other planets.

    **My personal opinion**, this is talking about the same idea of the «annunakis», reminds me to the movie «Jupiter Ascending», movie that includes gray aliens, reptilians and people who rule intergalactic worlds…

    I can’t help but relate it to a theory that I read recently, which in summary says that at the moment of death, the memories of our soul are reset, which causes us to reincarnate without remembering anything, this apparently controlled by a civilization that uses us, with the idea of ​​the tunnel at the end of the road, the white light, making this light the gateway to the elimination of our memory. This way they can recycle our «energy» forever.

    Still, I support the idea of ​​OP making a text file that is readable, otherwise no one will take it seriously.

  4. This second post is so incredible, there is clearly time that went into this. But at weird points.

    If you zoom in you can see a lot of details, especially in the illustration, its quite interesting.

    Otherwise the theme is not new per say. It would be good to separate what is your experience from what is your research.

  5. Now this is the weird ass, out there, schizo shit I come here for!!!

    Thank you, I definitely can relate to this. Specially the SOE past the 3D space stuff

    Goddamn thank you for this guide!

  6. Re-write this like you would the chapter of a book. Outline your ideas in sequential order, expand on them if you can. Focus more on putting the images into words to explain concepts.

    As it stands I think one would have to devote a lot of time to try and figure out this graphic.

  7. Yep, keep believing everything that they flash into your mind. Definitely not their attempts (that are working) at feeding disinformation to the population en mass so that you are not able to guess the truth due to it being completely different from what they are «teaching» you.

  8. We should troll the system, and use gravity hacks to cross interstellar distances instantly, shove nutrition into nature and create SUPER HEALTHY and autistically obsess over the reality, and master the game.

    Thank you level 99 zorg for dropping your end game loot to us mere level 13’ers.

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