«Пелакарас» из Перу, наблюдения

Неподтвержденная фотография существа, обнаруженного в Перу. «Пелакары». Некоторые в капюшонах, некоторые в броне, некоторые — рептилии. (Похоже, что это не AI, не похоже на cgi)


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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is what the guy with the 72-year-long dream mentioned about beings that glow from within and hunt for human skin to wear. Does anyone else remember that strange post from few years ago?

  2. What if it is like taking a picture of the moon? Using my eyes, I can see it just fine, but if I take a picture with my phone, all I get back is a glowing spherical object with no details

  3. This is real crackpot thinking, but not getting any better alien footage is a problem I still don’t quite understand.

    Correlation does not equal causation, I’m just spitballing a thought I’ve had for a long while.

    Unidentified *craft* seem to break several obvious rules of physics, what if their occupants also break rules of physics? What if we all have taken a photo of what we think is an alien and have forgotten simply because the alien scooted our consciousness us into another timeline where that didn’t happen or (even nuttier) they’re erasing our minds as they have a level of omnipresence and can always catch it.

    IDK what the function is that would do that, but it seems like even the aliens themselves love it that we *know* it’s possible they exist but not in any detail. Maybe the limited amount we know is purposeful, or simply the 0.1% of stuff they couldn’t clean up from our consciousness and they’re here all that time scaring the shit our of us.

    If something physical can break the sound barrier without a boom accelerating with no obvious propulsion, who’s to say its occupants can’t warp our fragile perception of time for fun?

  4. “Does not seem to be AI generated, does not seem to be cgi.” Says who? Is the OP an expert in these matters? In this day and age of video and phones and trail cams are you telling me this is the best we can do? If these guys are seriously under attack what is the motivation? What are these things after? Why has the govt not responded? Way to many questions that are being left unanswered and even unasked.

  5. Holographic tech is crazy. Especially in a jungle setting. Something is going on down there. Theres been joint military exercises going on since May 23rd with US and Peru. Theres a base near by. Great place to try new tech. Theres aliens but this isn’t them. I hear some ppl say they’re robots there this or that. Theres hundreds of species of aliens, a couple of species of earthlings that are hominid, and then theres robots. But the one thing thats common is governments downplaying the fact that alot of what we think isnt “human” actually is. Humans are alot more capable than most think. The governments hide there tech by having so many speculate what’s actually happening. Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, and many more private military contractors have human technology that many think are alien. The circle of misinformation continues.

  6. Does anyone have a theory whether these beings emanate light themselves or does their costume or suit do it? I can’t imagine why they would want to iluminate themselves if they wouldn’t want to be seen.

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