Никто это не публикует?

Видео, которое я нашел в Твиттере 16 часов назад, может кто-нибудь объяснить?

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  1. these are skydivers with flares. they slow down rapidly because they deployed their parachutes.

    there are dozens of videos of this, because it’s common. there are also videos of this from the skydivers’ perspective.

    please, use your brains.

  2. Skydivers with flare doing formation. No abnormal acceleration detected and is descending to earth not gaining altitude. Anything with a trail means interaction with the atmosphere which we know doesn’t happen on these craft.

  3. I keep seeing these and hearing sky divers. Where’s the plane they jumped out of? They’re probably sky divers. But I’ve seen a ton of these videos but never a plane. Can anyone with a large amount of jumps explain that? Nobody that’s been once or twice please. Prefer a veteran sky diver if anybody here holds those credentials

  4. I’ve seen these before.

    The ones i saw all slowly rose over a mountain ridge.

    Some type of government aircraft.

    It’s cool when they shut off their lights, they just disappear.

    They can drive straight at each other and come to a full stop.

    They can go straight up, straight down, left/right.

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