Интервью Виктора Инопланетянина 1997 года официально развенчано?

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После недавнего заявления Ричарда Доти о том, что это единственная подлинная видеозапись инопланетянина в Интернете, я пролистывал кадр за кадром и заметил, что в 2:37, когда они светят фонариком на тело, там, где находится правая рука, есть пустой сложенный рукав. должно быть. Не уверен, что этот вопрос когда-либо обсуждался, но если и были какие-то сомнения в легитимности отснятого материала (и Доти), то, к сожалению, это похоже на очередной кукольный спектакль. Ссылка на видео: https://youtu.be/EkE67_NXSmU?si=wSVGHyxsqy9wsvYs

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  1. Don’t be discouraged, this is a great find. This stuff is important. Keep being curious and keep a level head, question everything.

    I feel like the loudest voices are the most likely to be disinformation agents/bots, especially if they don’t supply any “proof” on their end. The effort to keep it a low karma count seems telling, too..

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I dunno, I think that’s «a feature and not a bug». If you spent thousands of dollars putting together an alien puppet to film a hoax, you wouldn’t get it all perfect before wrapping filming?

  3. Yes I’m a full on believer, I’ve seen enough stuff in my life to know that there is definitely something going on with ETs, but anything good ok Dick Doty says is most likely total lies!

  4. I haven’t actually watched this video in years, but I remember it making me angry.
    Why is the interviewer asking so many biased and stupid questions? You have an actual NHI in front of you and you’re pushing the human concept of God?
    Ask better effing questions!

  5. Whether this footage is real, or not really doesn’t make a difference, because NASA already announced that there are extraterrestrials among us and the government has been dealing with a certain race for a number of years now, I think the 1950s when Eisenhower was in

  6. It’s 100% real. Find 1 person that said they were a part of the project to make this. What studio created that alien? Victor came back and did another interview in 2008 asking why no one is looking into the video he risked his life to get out.

  7. Videos like this are a litmus test for what people will believe and how gullible they are. The very fact people are THIS easily fooled shows you can’t believe anybody anymore. The lighting obviously meant to conceal, the puppet not even actually moving and being stiff, the lack of any real information coming with it. The fact it just looks like a damn puppet.

    Just tattoo “I believe anything like an idiot” on your forehead. This is also a society that believes in ghosts, angels, the election being rigged, global warming is fake, the moon landings are fake.

  8. It’s always upsetting seeing the health of that being deteriorate during the video, almost as theirs nothing human doctors/biologist can do to help it’s condition which might be some kind of atmospheric reaction on the beings body

  9. OK so I watched the Redacted video and did go frame by frame on the standalone video and do see the clearly empty sleeve. There is for sure no arm there.

    It is possible it just doesn’t have an arm—I do believe we come into contact only when they crash, therefore are always gravely injured if not already passed away. The corresponding paperwork indicated he did pass away shortly after the video.

    Why don’t they blink? I am trying to research whether eyelids are noted in reports or not, but people just point out the eye color it seems.

    Edit: From what I’m picking up, the blackness contracts to let light in. Snakes have no eye lids likely due to interaction with shedding. Hmm.

  10. This a good catch I missed, but idea of this being a puppet has already been heavily debunked because the strings would have to be manipulated from above, yet the doctors bulldoze the entire area that would need to be unobstructed. Very possible the creature lost an arm in the crash in which it was recovered and he’s wearing a hospital gown that would double as a concealer for its exposed joint. The most indisputable evidence imho is the Turkey UFO footage from 2008 and those creatures look exactly like this one…down to the jaw movement. That’s not a hoax and I don’t think this one is either. This definitely isn’t the only genuine footage of an alien on the internet, either.

  11. very few things have officially been debunked, just that people make assumptions and think it’s been debunked. Are they real who knows, but very few things have been officially debunked.

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