Если вы не верите Дэвиду Грушу, вы не верите Карлу Неллу и еще 50 информаторам.

Я вижу, что люди разделились по поводу Дэвида Груша, но просто помните, кто эти люди, которые стоят за ним. Как Карл Нелл, который входит в консультативный совет Объединенного начальника штаба космических сил и работал над программой восстановления после крушения. Он свидетель из первых рук. Подробнее о Карле Нелл здесь: https://youtu.be/cvy25vQKAWI?si=ZBYd7F9D1gOhJmF4

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  1. The troll farm/Disinformation groups are in Full effect on this post folks. Please do your due diligence looking at evidence, data points, and what people are saying.

    Watch those responses that are trying to invoke an emotional response from you. It’s meant to rile you up and keep you from looking logically at what is being presented. If you need more evidence of UAP, look at it like a math problem. Things either add up or they dont…but I know they do, just don’t let them distract you emotionally.

  2. It’s not that I don’t believe them, I want to believe that what they’re telling us what they believe is correct. My problem is that I can’t help but think that some of these whistle blowers were intentionally fed false information by their higher ups, in an attempt to weed out potential whistleblowers from the REAL operation.

  3. I mean, there wouldn’t be ANYpersonal gain for Grusch to lie under oath, face prison time and destroy his career. If the government wanted to push a disinformation campaign so elaborate, I’d seriously doubt anyone is willing to risk their livelihood for such. Hence, I believe him.

  4. I’m sorry guys, I want this to be real just as much as the next guy but I can’t just accept assertions.

    Give us the evidence, allow us to realign our views based off that and not assertions. Why is it so many people here get upset at this?

  5. Correct. I don’t believe them. I don’t *not* believe them either, but until someone comes forward with independently verifiable evidence, all these people are doing is mental masturbation.

  6. All I can tell you guys is. I was a skeptical until I saw with my own two eyes . 100 yards or so from me. Something not of human making. Now I believe. Sometimes I even question what I had seen. But I know what I saw. From that day on I know there are other forces at work on earth. We my never have the answers to?

  7. I mean yes? Why should Karl Nell hold any relevance to me? No one’s heard of him before Grusch came forward.

    This whole thing could be legit, or could be disinformation of some sort ala Doty/Bennewitz.

    It’s one thing to be optimistic, and it’s another to be led on by blind faith.

  8. Why am i supposed to just believe them? i’m not religious nor do i trust alphabet agencies, US government or US military. Unless they provide undeniable concrete proof to their claims, there is no reason to trust them.

  9. People want evidence and details, and like karl nell said, this will all come in 2024. But you have to remember that other governments also have this and it’s a very sensitive topic with info.

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