Кажется, Эштон не сдается.

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Сообщение от вчерашнего часа в 13:00: «Продолжение заявления MH370x» https://twitter.com/JustXAshton/status/1733214296463544660?t=3Jeg34zkF-g12jmujMfekw&s=19 Сообщение четыре часа назад: «MH370x Радуйся, Мария» https://twitter.com /JustXAshton/status/1733378802179305741?t=xRjzPFUPyB8ZIlpI9KkMog&s=19 Редактировать: разместил ссылки вместо снимков экрана, потому что мне не удалось получить хорошее изображение на свой телефон.

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  1. All these Ashton posts look super suspicious from individuals online. Has anyone figured out the court case and why it’s soo secret? If I had this tech I’d do everything possible to hide and deny it. Planting info back dating the internet etc etc. I am willing to bet we have some legit disinformation tactics happening.

  2. >If we find the torrent for cgtextures clouds circa ~2012 and the image with Mt. Fuji doesn’t match the one that was used to debunk the Satellite video, we win. It would prove the videos are real and that the Intelligence Community planted the fake picture to discredit the case.

    I think this quote really sums up why so many people push back so hard when it comes to this debate. «We win?» What a strange thing to say. Setting aside that disproving one argument against the videos being real doesn’t prove they are real, it’s just such a strange way to frame it. Is this person looking for the truth or trying to «win?» It makes it seem like they’re backed in to a corner and feel that have to prove it’s real, and aren’t willing to accept the truth unless that truth fits what they already clearly believe.

  3. I don’t get why people get so mad about someone doing that kind of work. Let him be FFS. Don’t fixate on the whole plane thing too much. Let it happen.

    It’s probably a hoax. But there’s always a little chance it’s not. I find it improbable that someone went to all that trouble to make people believe the legit video is a fake. Faking the faking. That’s too much, but I don’t know.

  4. Nor should he. The post from KimDotCom and the subsequent comments and downvotes leads me to think this is just another level of misinformation. It seems pretty suspicious to me.

  5. Just move on people .. the amount of people that think he’s obsessed, while also being obessed themselves with making sure he knows he’s wrong is just weird. Just move on if it’s debunked

  6. What I find suspicious is that almost all of the comments ive seen this morning saying “you are so stupid for believing this” in so many words. All their accounts are 1yr old or less.

    So all these people who just joined Reddit just happened to be following these subs and just happened to share the same opinion. Do any of you Redditors follow subs just to put people down? I’m curious. How is that logical?

    I’m starting to think we should have to provide proof of who we are in order to comment/post. It would be so much easier than trying to figure out who’s here to discuss and collaborate and who’s here for the sole purpose of bashing or “debunking” everyone’s theory or evidence.

  7. Man this guy is delusional. I used to think this video was fascinating. Now to me it seems that who gives a crap about this video? We have a «battle» with the Schumer amendment and the corrupt politicians, that is the real story, not a video about some orbs that no one is going to prove is real. Just Let it go people. It was fake, we can’t prove conspiracies, we shouldn’t give time to them, we should be rallying against DC
    For the amendment, not some stupid video.

  8. Nobody is ever going to find the truth. Just like the government designed it to be. Also note the last detection point is very ominous. Going towards the end of the habitat zone.

    Look at everything objectively, all the lies we have been exposed to for hundreds of years from governments/controllers. If the masses never open there mind they will never see the truth.

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