Если у кого-то есть сомнения относительно возможностей ускорения UAP. У нас, людей, есть ракеты с подобными способностями. Противоракета «Спринт» 1970-х годов — одна из них.

Он мог достичь скорости 10 Маха за пять секунд при ускорении 100 g.

If anyone has doubts as to the capabilities of UAP acceleration capabilities. Us humans have missiles of similar feats. The Sprint Anti Ballistic Missile from the 1970’s is one of them.
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  1. This propulsion is not anywhere near what has been witnessed by trained US air force personnel.

    Also what is your point? that we can achieve the acceleration of what is being witnessed? or just to show that it is possible?

  2. Everyone is shitting on OP like they’re trying to make some grand statement against UAP observations. It’s clear, with even the slightest modicum of tact, that they’re giving a simple example of human tech capabilities.

    They aren’t overtly trying to discredit the phenomenon. Even if they are, they are being reasonable and allowing discourse without making grand assumptions. OP stated facts. Everyone else is flinging shit.

    My perspective is that this is a good example of what people should watch out for before jumping to conclusions. For instance, say you were hiking around at White Sands and you saw an object like this accelerate and it blew your mind. Rather than your first assumption being «aliens?,» it should be «missile?» because 1. you are next to an active missile test range, and 2. missiles are capable of this. I also think it’s worth re-emphasizing this missile was in service in *1975* — that was nearly 50 years ago — half of a century.

    Thank you for the insights, OP. Unfortunately, many people, here, are extremely narrow-minded and overzealous about this particular interest because they *want* things to be real so badly they think simply *believing* in it hard enough manifests its reality. Instead, they just throw critical thinking out the window.

  3. I was expecting an old-timey voice to say something like «It’s 1957 and this missile can make 10G turns». Not even. Definitely not in those days.

    UAP/UFO have been observed doing maneuvers in excess of 100G. That will liquify the soldering on most known materials used for modern electronics. Not just turns, but going from a dead stop near sea level to somewhere in outer space (USS Nimitz Radar Track).

    Missiles are the very last Man-made technology it would be. IF it’s an Earthly Phenomenon, it’s probably some form of broad-spectrum military electronic countermeasure technology (ECM). Similar to radar jammers, but also including infrared and visible light. A hologram, essentially. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_countermeasure](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_countermeasure)

    This makes a ton of sense when you consider the following thought experiment:

    I take a powerful laser pointer and shine it at the moon, standing on the earth. Then I quickly whip it back and forth across the moon. From the perspective of somebody standing on the moon, and math, that laser pointer will appear to move *faster than the speed of light* due to the short angle of travel required by the hand of the person holding the laser, and the large distance from the Earth to the Moon. The laser light is not violating any laws of physics, it’s following them to the letter.

    If its not flying Saucers (I’m not saying it isn’t), then this is more likely what it is (a sophisticated holographic laser pointer meant to trick enemy military units). But given the fact that these things have been reported since at least the 1930’s and earlier, it’s more likely that some percentage of them, however small, are physical objects.

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