Может быть, поэтому вся потенциальная «инопланетная активность»

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Я поставил кавычки, потому что я скептик, но если люди думают, что это правда, и что они всегда поступают, когда дело касается ядерного оружия, то вот и все.

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  1. This just sounds like a higher yield tactical weapon, something you hurl at a bunker or hardened position. Its a firecracker next to the strategic warheads on ICBMs. I really doubt it’d get much interest from NHIs when we have 20 megaton warheads out there in the global arsenals — nevermind the goliath historical bombs like the Tsar bomba and such.

    Frankly though, its unlikely to be all that useful militarily. From all that I’ve read nukes only become truly dangerous when launched at civilian targets or when used in large numbers (though that’s a deceptive term, since I’ve read papers stating even 100 bombs could be enough to spark a global famine). They’re good for naval targets, and as bunker-busters. Oh, EMPs. They’re really really dangerous as EMP devices due to civil infrastructure damage. But not much else besides starting an apocalypse or committing war crimes.

  2. 1. Its a gravity bomb which is like the oldest form of bomb and least likely to actually be used in nuclear war.
    2. Its not anything new in terms of scale, in fact in terms of yield, this is pretty low-mid. We’ve had more powerful nukes since the 50’s that were gravity dropped
    3. There is really nothing that would indicate that this causes an imbalance or a significant leap of tech. This is just a modernization of older dropped bomb tech with slightly higher yield. Again you could assert that these are already redundant other than tactical strikes on non MAD enemies.

    I dont think the Aliens would see us dropping 50MT bombs, creating tens of thousands of ICBM’s for decades and then suddenly shitting their pants when we do a basic tech upgrade to existing smaller yield drop bombs…

  3. Oh how nice! Instead of getting healthcare or at least paying less fucking taxes, we get a fucking new bomb that if used would most likely trigger a WW3 and we are all dead.

  4. Bad journalism, this is a political stop gap between two parts of the US government, one half wanting megaton bombs again and the other calling for smaller nukes. This one sits roughly in the middle.

  5. This is such a fucking stupid thing that’s taking over the news. Okay let me make this as clear as possible.

    In 1954 we set of Castle Bravo. Here enjoy.

    “On March 1, 1954 the United States detonated a 15 megaton nuclear weapon on the Bikini Atoll, in the Marshall Islands, in a test codenamed «Castle Bravo.» It was detonated on the surface rather than being dropped by air and is the fifth most powerful nuclear weapon detonation in history.

    The yield was about two and half times greater than expected and resulted in nuclear fallout spreading for about 7,000 square miles (18,130 square kilometers) across the Pacific, leaving residents of the Marshall Islands, U.S. military personnel and the crew of a Japanese fishing trawler exposed to a high level of radiation, according to an article published in 2017 by the Atomic Heritage Foundation. Some residents had to be evacuated, and the people of the Marshall Islands suffered an elevated rate of cancer.

    The Castle Bravo test, and the harm done to the residents, triggered global protests against the testing of nuclear bombs. In future decades, the U.S. government paid compensation to island residents; retired U.S. military personnel launched a case against the government in 1984, alleging that the American government had downplayed the radiation danger.

    On May 5, 1954, another nuclear weapon was detonated on a barge beside the Bikini Atoll. The «Castle Yankee» test resulted in a yield of 13.5 megatons. It is the sixth most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated in history, being about 900 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima. In the years that followed, global pressure would mount for a ban on nuclear tests to come into place.

    The Bikini Atoll is a coral reef that surrounds a lagoon. Prior to nuclear testing, people lived on the atoll. The population was removed before the tests and has never been able to return because the atoll is still contaminated with remains from the radioactive fallout. “

    900x oh yea and that wasn’t even in the top 5 largest nuclear bombs tested.


    Watch that fucking video, like these aren’t even the same types of bombs lol. Those on Hiroshima and Nagasaki we atomic bombs, Hydrogen bombs are a different breed. What’s even more terrifying is that, Bravo was two times times bigger than they had estimated. They don’t even know what the fuck they’re throwing around lol

  6. Cllickbait headline. That’s average yield nowadays. We had 25 MT bombs before that are 600 times more powerful than Hiroshima.

    This is more for precision now and bunker busting but typical yield, not some increase.

  7. Love the irony of that bottom part of the post..

    «reflecting a broader effort to support nuclear nonproliferation goals»

    So to reflect that effort, they go develop a new more powerful nuclear bomb.. Gotta love the logic.

  8. 24x the size of the US’ WWII bombs is not actually very much, by nuclear weaponry standards. Like, at all.

    Which should really make people think hard about why we’ve set ourselves up to literally end the entire world so trivially.

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