Коренные жители Бразилии реагируют на фотографию «серого инопланетянина»

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Коренные жители Бразилии реагируют на фотографию «серого инопланетянина»

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36 комментарий для “Коренные жители Бразилии реагируют на фотографию «серого инопланетянина»”
  1. Omygosh, I just remembered something I came across in the past. When alien abductee Betty Andreasson’s hypnosis session was first available to the public, she talked about being raised in the woods in New Hampshire; and after school, she would go play deep in the woods. It was there where she saw a gray alien come out of a hole in the ground. I thought it was a coincidence that it came from underground, seeing as the Brazilian indigenous people were talking about the subterranean ant beings.

  2. Testimonies from people or cultures (past or present) I find to be very compelling. There are many similar stories, at least in the Americas. Far from hard evidence but definitely something we need to consider, if you want to analyze the phenomenon from an anthropological perspective.

  3. This is similar to the «moon eyed people» that the Cherokee tribe claim lived inside the mountains of North Carolina. Apparently they couldn’t see well in sunlight, so they only came out into the world at night.

    They were described as short and pale skin (white/grey).

    Interesting stuff!

  4. This “underground ants” twist is new for me.
    Do like it more than the ever boring flying oblects.
    Currently in the mid of Atlantic but nothing at all in sight for the past days. So yes they are probably all underground!

  5. They are right. I saw the caves where these creatures and their ‘divine light’ emerge from (in Minas Gerais). These caves are radioactive and no human can explore them for too long without developing health problems.

    The beings we call ‘grays’ (because there are many types of humanoids) also populate Mars and the four moons of Jupiter. They told us about themselves by the year 2003. They don’t like what we are doing to this planet and they will try to stop us. I support their actions against us. We are taking too much space. Time for another deluge.

  6. Honestly? Do idiots actually believe that Amazonian indigenous people are actually going to fly to wherever this dude’s podcast studio is in the US AND then show up on set in full ceremonial regalia as if they just stepped out of the homes where they supposedly live? They’re in costumes for the cameras because yeah, they wear that stuff wherever they go and you believe this corny bullshit is how the real world actually works?

  7. Doesn’t it feel a lil played up these guys wearing the full accoutrements? Obv can’t talk cause I’m not an indigenous Brazilian, but every bit of footage I’ve seen of tribes there, specifically docs on the less contacted tribes, folks are either in limited clothing or T-shirt and shorts.

    Somehow this podcast found tribal ppl who happen to dress like caricatures from a US western.

  8. I need to ask a serious question but how much have we real excavated the ground in America? Maybe there are hidden bases underground all over and maybe there is some hidden rail system but why not more ancient ruins etc in America? Have we really looked? Sounds like someone needs to do some serious digging and get to the bottom of some shit…

  9. There are stories on reddit about black triangle ships with mantis looking beings, with small greys that resenble drones in their function. The boss is the mantis. Their experience was that they were cold and indifferent to suffering and pain they caused, to some extent. I wonder if this Ant bring is the same.

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