НЛО становятся все более привлекательными для ученых США — исследование

НЛО становятся все более привлекательными для ученых США — исследование

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  1. So far, just 4% of respondents said they had done any academic research on UFOs/UAPs. However, over half (55%) said they would be more likely to conduct research into it if they had funding for it, and nearly half (43%) said they would be more likely to do so if there was a reputable academic scholar in their field who did too.
    Over a third (37%) also shared that it is very important for there to be further research into UFOs, and almost two-thirds (64%) said it was important for academic scholars to be involved in it.

  2. not to be skeptical about US academics — but maybe «UFOs becoming increasingly attractive» actually means «ah — now i can get funding without getting laughed at» since academics always seem to fear ‘reputational tarnish’; and also — if the gov’t is giving out money to do any of these studies — ‘hey, i’m there!’.
    good but limited study btw — Congrats on getting answers

  3. In the 1600s, the Bible began to be mass produced. It was one of the first books printed by machine printers. Some say that the Bible affirms alien existence. There is evidence that there was natural technology of an advanced scientific understanding before then.

    200 years after the Bible was produced is when machine like technology began to rise around the world. I’m not saying that machines are a result of the Bible, but I would say that scientific approach to a magical understanding came after the Bible was mass produced. I’m not saying science didn’t exist before the Bible was mass produced, but scientific institutions definitely started to rise after the fact.

    In our society, we are told that interest in knowledge sprang from institutions that seek to teach. The more participation, the more things were developed. It’s a lie. Highly advanced understanding has existed throughout human existence. And we’re told that the pinnacle of technology came from a collective of scholars. That also is a lie.

    We don’t need the academic world to prove that UFOs are a reality. There is plenty of evidence in this forum that proves that. What people want is for mass coverage by the US media to expose the alien agenda. It will probably never happen. Yet, there are stories that are released on television, for example the History Channel, that allude to the idea that aliens are either working with the government or are the government themselves. And if they are the government, academia and media will never expose the alien agenda.

    What the problem is that we’re facing is that people want to limit the power of the exposure of aliens as a subjective experience. There seems to be an agenda that people want to push the idea of aliens into the mind of the person who has an awakening, once they become a part of a bigger picture. There seems to be an illusion that it is all in the mind.

    What we have in the media is that there seems to be an ‘apocalyptic’ scenario playing out. The Bible at one point had power, and it is fighting like heck to remain powerful, as it goes down. The institutions that were built around the Bible are losing control, as people are becoming aware that Hell is not a true place. The only place that Hell actually exists is in the mind. There is plenty of historical evidence that there was an agenda to make people obedient to authority or face Hell. Evangelists had to spread the lies of the Bible around the world to convince themselves they were empowered by a fake authority.

    Science tried to demonize people that saw through the illusions of the Bible by labeling them insane. There is always a catch that one must produce evidence in order for something to be considered truth. Yet, if the observer would have experienced evidence, unless it was recorded, the hell mongers wouldn’t accept it.

    Again, in this age, too many people are screaming subjectiveness, when there can never actually be proof of subjectiveness, if it’s only in a person’s mind. And the hell mongers are going out of their way to use alien technology to invade a person’s mind, to prove subjective reality. And there’s evidence for my claim.

    Examples of UFO sightings and other strange phenomenon bring people out of subjective hell. It unites people beyond the prison that was created by the falseness of the Bible. Scholars can claim that the Bible gives evidence for aliens, yet they want to attribute it to either something demonic or something godlike.

    What people are afraid to admit is that it’s a possibility, that if UFOs are in fact a byproduct of offworld existence, that the Bible may have been a byproduct of that kind of creation. When that becomes clear as a truth, it diminishes the fear of hell.

    If there was suddenly a mass exposure of aliens working with the US government, there would be mass hysteria. The government would be overthrown overnight. People would instantly be broken out of subjective hell, and whatever fake war is going on would disappear in a heartbeat.

    What people would fear then is retaliation from the aliens. At that point, though, if there are any real humans left, most things would not be easily feared.

  4. What science doesn’t take into account is that if they gave it some theoretical credibility, who knows, maybe it would help them get closer to understanding some of those fundamental cosmological questions we’ve been trying to answer but have been unable to for the last 50 years. We’ve been stuck on figuring out the problem of quantum gravity, and the large hadron collider apparently is not large enough to crash particles and crack open even deeper secrets of the cosmos. We’re so close too! By studying what’s claimed about these UAPs, the way they defy the laws of physics, it propels them into the area of what they consider science fiction to help them crack the code of what may be science fact! Who’s to say that by zipping through our skies, appearing and flying without making a sound, the variety of crafts seen throughout the ages, their ability to operate inter-dimensionally could be their way of communicating with us in a way that can be understood if we just gave it the credible attention it requires.

  5. >This topic may not simply pertain to motion or matter, but to meaning.
    Questions of impact or discernment exceed simply making scientific

    I love this balanced approach. This sub in particular has a heavy bias toward hard science. It’s good to see humanities including philosophy included.

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