Они могут видеть «ЗАКРЫТЫЕ» НЛО и «Сбить их». …чего ждать?!!?

Они могут видеть «ЗАКРЫТЫЕ» НЛО и «Сбить их». …чего ждать?!!?

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  1. A bombshell article by Josh Boswell, Chris Sharp and Matt Ford for the U.K. Daily Mail has made the astonishing claim that, according to whistleblowers, the CIA operates a UFO crash retrieval program under the Office of Global Access (OGA), a wing of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Science and Technology Directorate. The program, founded by Doug Wolfe in 2003, works in tandem with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to secure and recover everything from exotic weapons of human origin to UFOs and UAPs, and has recovered at least nine alien UFOs, two of which are intact.


    Daily Mail Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12796167/CIA-secret-office-UFO-retrieval-missions-whistleblowers.html

  2. The US military has had Cloaking devices for years , so they probably know their weaknesses.

    The general public will be able to buy their own next year as a consumer grade model for hunting and such is supposed to be released in 2024 .

    The public model is a transparent screen of varying sizes depending on what you want to cloak.

    You can see straight through it . But if you walk behind it . It will continue to look the same . But you disappear.

  3. This article correlates with Luis Elizondo’s claims about two years ago that they know how to find UFOs and it was with a certain technology that might be available to everyone or something you wouldn’t think would work if you knew how to do it. Something like that.

    Anyone remember him saying this?

  4. metamaterials that have negative refractive index and exhibit the cloaking effect still have a black body emission that matches their temperature (and material emissivity (which can be tuned admittedly))

    tldr: something composed of a bunch of electron clouds swirling but not around protons is still going to have internal electric fields and particle exchanges and will still respond, absorb, and emit messenger particles (photons) as the situation requires

  5. I’m certain that the aliens hold all the cards.

    We most likely don’t have anything that can defeat a UFO in a fight.

    «Whistleblowers» like these are just psy ops to keep the people thinking that the US military is the biggest and baddest around (and that you should keep paying them your taxes 😉 ).

  6. 9 crashes and retrievals since 2003.
    So these super advanced beings are incompetent?
    Also people have had cell phone cameras since 2003 but no one has ever recorded a crash?
    Do they only crash on government property out of public view?

  7. If we have shot several down I’d be surprised we aren’t on their shit list. If someone shot down even one of our crafts it would be war you’d think with us being repeat offenders that they’d discipline us.

  8. Oh look a sensational daily mail article with a clickbait title. It must be true…

    You guys will believe absolutely anything that aligns with your world view and it’s kinda sad to be honest.

  9. Yes weve known this for the last 15 years!

    Many of the reports that were attempted to be covered up, were not just crashes, governments all over the world have been sharing this pulse weapon that basically affects their craft like emps would affect say an electric car! The reckless part is they are(of at least were) forcing these crafts down while often moving at extremely high speeds, killing most of and injury any of the occupants, as well as putting the closest civilian areas in danger of getting whopped by a saucer coming down between 5&50,000mph or even more! These crafts can make unpredictable movements and turn on a dime at thousands of mph, im sure theyve brought down tons ofem before a truce was made, if ever even was, and the only ones we hear about are these ones that made last second course correction and crashed in populated areas instead of somewhere in the dessert! They must really want these crafts down bad if their risking lives bringing them down!

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