Двадцать девять ладоней от Корбелла

Двадцать девять ладоней от Корбелла

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  1. First of all, I’m fully convinced there are things happening that we can’t explain, and also I WANT to believe. I’d love to think mysterious stuff is happening.

    But they kind of just brushed over the fact that the night-vision compilation video from the SAME base, around the SAME timeperiod, showing the SAME light formation, with the SAME amount of lights. As if it didn’t at least lean MORE towards something part of the military training.

    Also, Jeremy when talking to the witnesses about the other military activity like helicopters, flares and trucks moving around the same night, he insisted on saying «the response to the craft». Very loaded and unobjective way of framing the activity. The critical, objective journalism is just not there, unfortunately.

  2. I’ve no intention of watching it. I’ve unfollowed Corbell and Knapp on Twitter and unsubscribed from Corbell’s YouTube channel. There are more serious people to listen to than wasting time on amateurs like Corbell and Knapp.

  3. I’ve gone back and forth on whether these guys are just incapable of the actual intellectual process required to do real investigative work, or whether they are intentionally obfuscating in order to keep their clicks coming.

    The fact of the matter is, not only was this demonstrably shown to flares beyond any real reasonable doubt, there are breadcrumbs to follow in that evidence to find even more verification of flares.

    Any real investigator would see that immediately. So either Jeremy can’t see it, and this is just a fool leading other fools, or Jeremy can see it and is obfuscating.

    Both options make him completely non-credible as an investigator. This whole fiasco has crystallized my view that Jeremy just runs his mouth and isn’t a real investigator. Credibility completely ruined.

  4. Watching as we speak. I’m actually a business school assistant-professor, and I’ll tell you….If I reacted to my peer review paper critiques the same way this forum reacted to the pushback on Corbell + Knapp’s latest story…I’d never publish a damn thing. Most in here just folded in on their feelings of disappointment with mostly knee-jerk cynicism.

    You must take in all the counterfactuals, even from legit OGs like Black Vault and assess them against the original claims and C&K’s responses in this latest podcast. You must also take your feelings out of it (as challenging as that is) and your personal opinions of the stakeholders involved. This is legit scientific research, and you must approach it as such. I suspect when the dust settles, the consensus will have shifted, and walk backs will be written. One man’s opinion.

  5. Lil update from Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp on the twenty nine palms ufo sighting over a marine training base. New interviews from Marines that had eyes on the object. Comment section from last week had some decent feedback. Let’s see how this one does. Video is still live. 👍🏼

  6. He says it’s a ufo over a base. So if Marines at the base saw this , how would it be flares? I would think marines at the base that witnessed this would not only know if it were flares by looking at it, they would have known that flares were going to be dropped.

  7. Pretty brutal on Greenwald.

    It was/is strange how he gets responses to FOI requests so quickly. Is he an asset though?

    I doubt it. I suspect he just wants to continue doing the same grift he’s done since forever so if fighting for the status quo… and attacking all those seeking to bring light to his main revenue stream.

  8. To everyone that’s made up their mind that the 29Palms lights were flares, some questions:

    1. What evidence indicates the lights were flares? All we know is that training was held on the date of the sighting, but we don’t know if that training was responsible for the lights (at least the BlackVault or anyone else hasn’t shown conclusive evidence that I’m aware of).
    2. What evidence indicates that the Marines who testified that jets, helicopters, and a convoy of automobiles went out in the direction of the lights is inaccurate? Soldiers who fly jets and helicopters don’t decide to go out for an unscheduled flight on a whim. Certainly, there would be some documentation indicating that the flights were planned, right? If the flights weren’t planned, at the very least someone authorized them to fly for a specific reason. Who authorized them and why? What information has been released on that front?

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