AARO не имеет полномочий по Разделу 50

AARO не имеет полномочий по Разделу 50


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  1. ***Submission Statement***

    Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick (Director, All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) testified to the Senate Subcommittee On Emerging Threats and Capabilities that the AARO does not have Title 50 Authority. Title 50 information is important because it includes covert action and most Intelligence missions carried out by agencies like the CIA, NRO, NGA, or NSA. Kirkpatrick said, “It would be nice to have Title 50 authority,” during his testimony. According to Lt. Tim McMillan, in essence this may mean that AARO only has access to 20% of the U.S.’s full collection potential. Also briefly discussed are other rumored issues with the AARO, including existing whistleblower reimbursements & reporting procedures for new whistleblowers.

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