Бывший сотрудник ЦРУ: Правда об НЛО ужасна, а межпространственные существа внутри нас

[https://twitter.com/Unexplained2020/status/1634291445782962176](https://twitter.com/Unexplained2020/status/1634291445782962176) Несколько месяцев назад бывший офицер ЦРУ Джим Семиван сделал шокирующее заявление, сказав, что «нас окружает совершенно другая реальность, которую мы просто не в состоянии видеть или взаимодействовать». Он проработал в ЦРУ 25 лет, прежде чем присоединиться к «Академии к звездам» Тома Делонга вместе с другими бывшими правительственными инсайдерами. «To The Stars Academy» — это организация, которая утверждает, что несет ответственность за выпуск ныне известных видеороликов об НЛО в Пентагоне. Он рассказал, как он присоединился к ЦРУ и прошел годы специальной подготовки в области шпионажа. Поскольку ЦРУ действует в соответствии с принципом «необходимости знать», Семиван не был конкретно проинформирован о каком-либо исследовании, связанном с НЛО, несмотря на тот факт, что аналитик ЦРУ Кит Грин был хорошо известен своими исследованиями паранормальных явлений. По его словам, «существует сила, которая может контролировать нашу среду, которая может вкладывать мысли в наши головы». На самом деле г-н Семиван ранее заявлял, что НЛО, замеченные военно-морским флотом, прибыли из другого мира. Он сделал шокирующие заявления относительно неопознанных летающих объектов в интервью Джеймсу Яндоли, заявив, что это явление может быть поразительным, особенно для детей. «Когда мы начали TTSA, у нас все время были дискуссии об этом. Мы уверены, что хотим раскрыть эту информацию? Я имею в виду, вы знаете, мы собираемся напугать восьмилетних? «У меня были друзья, которые говорили: «О, моя дочь хочет знать все об НЛО. Мы можем поговорить с тобой об этом? И я сказал нет. Я не собираюсь говорить с тобой об этом. Что я скажу ей или ему, этим 10-, 11-летним? Может ли такая реальность убить их психологически на всю оставшуюся жизнь?» «Да, что есть сила, которая может контролировать наше окружение и вкладывать мысли в наши головы. Что они могут лгать вам, обманывать вас, и что вы не контролируете свою жизнь. Скажи это 12-летнему ребенку», хотя Семиван лаконично предполагает, что «кроличья нора уходит гораздо глубже», когда речь идет о феномене НЛО. **16 комментариевПоделитьсяСохранить**

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  1. There are several concepts that one would need to be familiar with, to begin to accept that reality.

    We are being spoon fed disclosure, because many of us are not prepared to even consider some of these ideas.

    1) Consciousness is non-local. A physical body is not a requirement. This one is the most difficult to accept.

    We are only beginning to learn about the shadow biome that is theorized to be all around us. Our physical senses are limited, but with the aid of technology, we have begun to study it.

    2) Humans have had interactions with intelligent life, that utilize advanced telepathy.

    In my opinion, this is the natural method of communication for many intelligent beings in the universe.

    Our inability to communicate in this way, might be the reason why we have been isolated.

    3) Human beings (and many other animals) could be multi-dimensional in nature. It’s likely that we experience this facet of our nature, every time we sleep.

    I understand why many of us would consider this to be ridiculous. However, you would be doing yourself a disservice, if you don’t consider it a possibility.

    Our reality is likely far more interesting, than what we can perceive with our senses.

  2. «…there is a force out there that can control our environment and put thoughts into our heads. That they can lie to you, deceive you, and that you are not in control of your life.»

    Aliens, Inter-dimensional beings, maybe. That description also sounds like paranoid schizophrenia.

  3. My argument about destroying the realities of children is people already do that by telling them that there is a firery world in which you suffer when you die, and that there is a god that is watching you all the time.

  4. Haven’t religions been selling the idea that there are unseen forces, both good and bad, that can influence us? Why do we need the CIA to spook us into living lives of fear?
    I wouldn’t trust a thing that comes out of that org, not because it’s may not be true, but because they have proven to the world for the last 90 years that they care only to manipulate, dismantle, kill, and lie to get their way. So what are they getting at with this?
    It’s up to each of us to conquer our personal fears and in doing so we awaken to higher states of consciousness where it becomes harder for those with ill will to hypnotize us for their own benefit.
    Don’t buy into anything that makes you afraid.

  5. «I mean, you know, are we going to scare eight-year-olds?» That is the most ridiculous reason, makes it seem psyop-y, like there are layers on layers of psyops and misinformation.

    It is quiet easy to imagine this type of multiverse though. The universe expands in an accelerating pace, but there is a another set of dimensions orthogonal to ours (and perhaps other parallel ones too). As time goes on the two become more integrated while at the same time our local universe expands (they are an inversely proportional dynamic like a pendulum).

    So just our local universe acceleration starts to slow down or reach an inflection point the ease by which beings can travel across the bulk media or to or by way of these orthogonal dimensions is its easiest.

    To understand the metaphor think about the nonlinear dynamics of a pendulum and its back-and-forth accelerating-decelerating energy form of kinetic and potential energy.

  6. What if: people labeled paranoid schizophrenics, really do see things everyone else can’t? Is it possible they are statistical anomalies that can perceive dimensions of reality otherwise cloaked under a veil?

    Just sayin…

  7. This is why Evangelical Christians are stonewalling research and investigations into the phenomenon, they’re attributing the phenomenon to Satanic forces, any such investigation or research would be akin to Satanic worship.

    Eric W Davis, PhD in Astrophysics recently confirmed this:

    Davis goes on to describe the so-called ‘Collins Elite,’ as unorganized, small cliques and individual fundamentalist, evangelical Christians within the government & DoD, who think UFOs and their occupants are satanic and their technology is demonic. Whenever these folks are in the chain of command, they will do everything within their power to expose, obstruct, block, and shut down any program related to UFOs/UAPs. They will do whatever it takes to keep these programs from being implemented, from being funded or from getting new funding. Davis believes it’s pathetic and based on fear, incompetence, and careerism. He added, “That is what goes on inside the military intelligence community where the topic of UFOs/UAPs comes up. And that’s why the crash retrieval program was buried as black and deep as it could be buried. To keep it protected from those morons.”


    Dr.Michael E. Salla, a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with Extra-terrestrial life coined the term **Exo-Racism**

    The term refers to the ideologies held by Evangelical Christians within the upper echelons of US government and Military who have avoided, hindered and stonewalled research and investigations of the subject of Extraterrestrial, Supernatural and Paranormal phenomena.

    He acknowledges their unwillingness to allow, accept or understand the data and information collated and presented because it’ simply not compatible with the Christian belief system, these people claim that UFO’s and Aliens are the Angels and Demons from the Bible and that all associated research programs are akin to Satanic worship.

  8. We never have control over our own thoughts, even without telepathic manipulation. That’s like an absolute basic that they teach in psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. What we CAN control is how we REACT to our thoughts.

    So much fear. So many shadows. I encourage everyone to start practicing magick or pick up some kind of spiritual practice or even just meditation. When you silence your ego, your true self arises.

    If there is any telepathic manipulation from interdimensional entities…that’s fine. We humans know how to let go of our thoughts and let our true selves shine.

    Know love, know yourself, love yourself, love others. The world is already manipulating our thoughts. The random thought Ocean is an aspect of humanity. One we can surface from when needed.

    Rise to the surface of your mind. Go up.

    Ever higher.

  9. Why would the CIA be involved? Are they spying in another dimension? Just because he’s a CIA officer doesn’t mean he knows fuck about shit. That’s like when the news channels put on navy seals to talk about global politics…

  10. During an interview with Whitley Strieber, Mr. Semivan discussed his perspective on the UFO, UAP, and Alien Phenomena, which he refers to as Jinn. He clarified that he doesn’t intend to use this term in a religious context but rather to support the inter-dimensional hypothesis. He noted that the phenomenon is often deceptive and can provide information that sounds appealing but makes no sense, leaving us unsure if it’s toying with us or using symbols that we can’t comprehend. In Arab culture, Jinn are considered to be similar to humans and are made of «fire» or «ether.» They also possess similar emotions, but there are both good and bad Jinn.


  11. We don’t have any understanding of consciousness and still believe that our awareness is synonymous with our physical body.

    Boy are we in for a rude awakening as a society when we find there is another layer to reality and we are at the bottom of that food chain, being led along a path against our knowledge and will like sheep

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