Летящий боком НЛО снят над Фениксом в 2003 году.

Летящий боком НЛО снят над Фениксом в 2003 году.

Sideways flying UFO filmed over Phoenix in 2003.
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  1. People shit on Lazaar . This is exactly what he said the crafts do . Rotate and literally create like a void in space that it gets pulled into. There is no friction of atoms . They can go in the oceans and it’s not even touching water

  2. all these craft are looking similar. Like aluminum packed into some unintelligent rough shape. I’m starting to really believe these are not ETs and it’s some other man made gravity defying project.

  3. Interesting, there’s a redish field emanating from the skin of the craft, likely from ionized gas present in the surrounding air. What is also intriguing is that the field seems to shift position relative to the orientation of the craft and especially so whenever a change in inertia is initiated.

    Now whatever principle the is craft utilizing to dump that much energy into the surrounding air remains to be seen.

    Considering the incredible maneuverability these types of vehicles demonstrate, and also accounting for their relatively small size, the source of propulsion likely takes advantage of the majority of energy available from a given fuel mass with superb efficiency in the conversation from mass to energy.

    Maybe some sort of resonance chamber that can convert matter into raw energy and another telescoping component that serves as a conduit for the energy produced. The fact that the skin of the craft is almost free from imperfections is an observation that leans into this idea, maybe the smooth skin facilitates transfer of propulsive forces into the empty space surrounding the fusilage. It could be a steam of exotic particles or something similar that gives rise to the unrestricted movement against the force of gravity.

    Thinking about this further, if you could craft a small wedge with dense enough matter to refract neutrinos, which happen to only experience the weak force and gravity. Perhaps then through refraction two subunits of a neutrino are produced.

    The gravitational component is then focused around the craft to stabilize it in space, like a superconductor exhibiting quantum locking. Meanwhile a stream of the weak force component acts as a jet nozzle propelling the craft along, after all the weak force is a hundred million million million million million million times stronger than gravity. In fact the earth is only about 3.5 million times larger than a human for reference. About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second which is plenty of fuel for any system taking sufficient advantage of said fuel.

  4. Meh 🤷‍♂️ I guess when it lands and greets us I’ll be amazed.

    UFOs are kind of like that shitty neighbor who moves in and doesn’t say a word, then goes months only saying a few words without greeting anyone.

  5. That’s a mirage. It’s a car. I can clearly see it’s a car. This is a specific type of mirage called Fata Morgana. The car appears as if its floating in the air and y

    I watched it again. Its a hot wheel. Damn…

    …does anyone have any cool mirage gifs?

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