Моя дочь сняла это на видео. Есть объяснение?

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Итак, мой тесть был в восторге от того, что он видел НЛО на заднем дворе (мы живем в Висконсине, так что только фермы и поля), в любом случае, я был убежден, что 2 или 3 фонаря на электрическом заборе выключаются, когда электричество в заборе отключается, поэтому владелец знает (примерно в 1/2 мили в этом направлении находится фермерский дом). Но когда моя дочь записывала, чтобы посмотреть, подвинутся ли они, она поймала этот странный стробоскопический свет… Есть объяснение? Мы подъехали туда, а там вся высокая трава, нет фонарных столбов. Или лампы или что-нибудь еще.

My daughter caught this on video any explanation?
byu/wax-daddy inaliens

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  1. I see the light moving slightly in relation to the other light. That’s pretty interesting, but tough to discern what we’re looking at! Then I see the strobe in violet. Did your daughter see the violet strobe with her naked eye, or only notice that part after in the video?

    What other statements about sightings has your father in law provided? Anything interesting?

  2. The purple/violet strobing light is the camera on your device. The glass in front your device is reflecting it back at you.

    Usually newer iPhones or other devices emit this strobing. Possibly to do with Lidar related functions in the camera.

    It’s not any type of unidentified phenomena. Hope that helps.

  3. Insufficient information to even guess at an explanation. There’s literally nothing but a featureless black background with lights swinging back and forth, that’s all. There’s zero sense of scale therefore no ability to gauge distance, size, etc.

  4. My guess. She filmed two fairly low planets, or stars through window. Easy to mistake for something more anomalous for many, then caught the IR-/Focus sensors window reflection, and then if someone said it’s her phone, didn’t want to feel silly, and said se saw it before. Just my five cents.. It reallyn looks like the iPhone IR-sensor light! 🙂

    Could of course also have been a plane/drone at first. Then the sensor.

    Great! She is interested though. Next time it might be less ambiguous! 🙂 keep on filming!

  5. Extradimensional entities are traveling through our universe as a by product of existing within their own. We are on a lower order universe and get to see some of these as manifestations of phenomena, when in actuality, it’s just dudes somewhere else in a higher dimension walking across their street or taking a leak.

    Or it’s an IR source.

  6. 100% that’s one of you holding your phone in a dark room while a second person points a remote control at it and presses any of the buttons because you know most people aren’t aware that your phones camera can pick up and show you infrared light on a wavelength dependable to the human eye I’m very low light. I.e., you are yet another fraud.

  7. The people on the IR emitter debunk aren’t aware how rare that is for phones. Go ahead and look it up. This is highly improbable. Not just highly, extremely. They make IR emitters you can plug in one but the vast majority of phones do not have an IR emitter.

  8. Maybe it’s a glitch in the moon projector accidentally shooting off in another direction, lmao. Maybe an inter-dimensional portal. Just because something is or isn’t true, doesn’t mean you can’t believe it.

  9. Utterly black field with 2 lights and a blurry flash

    No sense of scale. No sense of direction. No sense of height or distance. Therefore no sense of speed or of environment. No nothing.

    So, yes, a bunch of random strangers should be able to tell you that without doubt, this is definitely an atypical experience caught on video and warrants a fully funded professional inquiry.


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