Правительство, которому вы доверяете: «Нет доказательств». Информатор: «Я знаю точное местонахождение улик». Публика: «Я не верю вам, пока вы не покажете мне доказательства». Кто идиот в этом сценарии?

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Правительство, которому вы доверяете: «Нет доказательств». Информатор: «Я знаю точное местонахождение улик». Публика: «Я не верю вам, пока вы не покажете мне доказательства». Кто идиот в этом сценарии?

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34 комментарий для “Правительство, которому вы доверяете: «Нет доказательств». Информатор: «Я знаю точное местонахождение улик». Публика: «Я не верю вам, пока вы не покажете мне доказательства». Кто идиот в этом сценарии?”
  1. This is when the world’s best Hackers need to act!!
    I’m sure there’s classified information on the governments knowledge of ufos just casually floating around right now unprotected. Get everything you can!!

  2. Just to be clear, the post is *immediately* cherrypicking the guys quote despite it literally being in the video verbatim.

    >I actually know the exact locations… I actually had the **persons with the firsthand knowledge** provide protected disclosure to the inspector general.

    So he has *second hand knowledge* of the «exact locations».

    Thats not exactly concrete evidence.

  3. NASA is inextricably, fundamentally fused to the intelligence community and military.

    They are one-and-the-same.

    They literally handle and launch, design, store, consult, and repair IC/DOD hardware, the *assets*. And data that passes through said hardware. (Along with associated intra-IC agencies like the NRO, NGA)

    The satellites, the sensors, the manufacturing and maintenance knowledge. lmao.

    Anyone thinking NASA is going to be transparent is a goddamn fool.

    NASA cannot be separated from the IC/DOD.

    Much of NASA staff is even current and former IC/DOD.

    Nelsons behavior and answer is par for the course.

  4. I mean at this point I just feel like the disclosure that happens will not be a controlled one. So they missed their opportunity there. No go get em hackers leak leak leak all the good stuff!

  5. > Your trusted government: “There’s no evidence”. The whistleblower: “I know the exact locations of the evidence”. The public: “I don’t believe you until you show me the evidence”. Who’s the idiot in this scenario?

    The so-called ‘whistleblower’ is, because:

    a) his entire plan was for someone hiding a secret to disclose that secret, and if he had atleast double digit iq he would understand that’s not going to happen.

    b) he half-assed the disclosure, if i knew a secret like this i would say everything in the congress speech, all the company names, locations, documents and what to look for, all the while looking straight in the camera and telling people that if anything happens to him — whom to blame. He had the best stage imaginable and camera pointed at him in live mode and he chose to not say anything. Now not only can they discredit him more, if there is something to hide he made sure to give them alot of time to prepare a relocation of whatever they could be hiding.

    This is stupid beyond belief no matter how i look at it. With ‘whistleblowers’ like this, we honestly don’t deserve a disclosure.

  6. I guess the idiots seem to be the people that hear the words «I know of some evidence» & accept those words as evidence.

    definitely can’t call people idiots that have been consistently asking for evidence & not receiving it.

  7. Isn’t it weird that theres so much talk about crashed vehicles,captured e.t, reverse engi tech.. but theres never any talk about aliens showing themselves publically or threatening humanity or actually doing ANYTHING?

    What i mean is, all public info presents NHI as a passive force doesnt it? There has never been a «what if» about potential NHI action.Almost like no one,whistleblower or not, considers NHI being able to act in any way that would even result in disclosure. Isnt this super sus? Like theres a player or more thats NHI but the ones in control wont even sweat?!

    Im pretty sure we are all either missing something, or something is not being revealed on purpose.

    EDIT: Like even if humans have tech or whatnot, how can they even feel safe from NHI even with the tech? Something is def wrong about all this disclosure thing.

  8. This is what chatgpt said:

    To address this situation, it’s crucial to promote transparency and accountability. The government should take the whistleblower’s claims seriously and conduct a thorough investigation. Simultaneously, the whistleblower can provide as much credible evidence as possible to support their case. Open communication and a commitment to uncovering the truth can help rebuild trust between the government and the public. Establishing independent oversight or involving a neutral third party in the investigation may also enhance credibility. Ultimately, fostering a culture of openness and evidence-based decision-making is essential for resolving such issues.

  9. Everyone is at fault. Govt is at fault for concealing this information. Whistleblower is at fault for saying he knows the location and not saying the location. Public is at fault for largely not caring about this issue.

    I get these whistleblowers would face tons of backlash from the govt for leaking the info, but at the same time if that’s the path you wanna take stop half ass-ing it.

    Your only real options as a whistleblower are to say everything you know or be ok with the public not knowing anything at all. This mystical third option of getting the powers at be to change their minds on disclosure after allegedly thousands of years isn’t going to happen. These whistleblowers and stuff are all TRYING to make that happen, because they want to have their cake and eat it too, but it realistically never will.

    Not tryna be a douche but either put up or shut up. Idc if they threaten you with jail or threaten your family or credibility or whatever. If you can’t deal with the risks of being a real whistleblower just don’t bother trying to be one.

  10. Someone believing something without evidence. It becomes non-idiotic once we have some evidence. In your scenario, the burden fall on the «whistleblower». I put that in quotes because, since they aren’t actually providing evidence of anything, they aren’t a whistleblower.

    Let’s say I claim I have a yeti, but I can’t show it to you. There is another party who says there is no evidence of a yeti. Both of us are providing the same amount of evidence, but the burden of proving the claim would fall on me. If you believe me in this scenario, you’d be the idiot (to borrow your phrase).

  11. You’re being disingenuous.

    I’ll correct this for you:

    Any rational person: there’s no evidence.

    Whistleblower: a guy told me that another guy told him that there is evidence, I don’t know where or what the evidence is, but I’m told by someone who was told by someone else that there is some kind of evidence somewhere.

    The gullible government: yeah that sounds like a credible reason to investigate.

    *Government investigates, wasting taxpayer money*

    Government: as any rational person could have anticipated, all these people are full of shit.

    Alien conspiracy theorists: THAT PROVES EVERYTHING!

  12. David Grusch isn’t as qualified as I thought after watching the Joe Rogan interview, and being a “whistleblower” sounds like a really epic endeavour for someone with nothing to offer but hear say “facts” and assumptions… not much of a whistleblower without evidence… super frustrating

  13. Everyone The government assumes the dumb treatment is a smart way to avoid the truth the whistleblowers believe people won’t volunteer to be remain ignorant to everything around them for comfort and the Public acting like elementary kids at recess playing a game first they care but if they don’t like where it’s taking them they don’t wanna play anymore til it’s fun again lol

  14. After about a million hoaxes, false testimony, unproven speculation, doctored photos and videos. Tobs of nutjobs and weirdos flooding us with complete BS its hard to take anyones testimony at face value

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