Твит Мэтта Гетца вызвал шок в сообществе НЛО

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Твит Мэтта Гетца вызвал шок в сообществе НЛО

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  1. We haven’t come this far to let Washington politics fuck it up. They all want to get greasy fingers on it and get their names in the books with something that’ll pass. Tim Burchett’s amendment is so stripped down to nothing it makes me think they got him in a “honey pot” as he says

  2. The «UFO community» are on the leaderboard of people most unable to tell when smoke is being blown up their ass next to the religious and consumers of holistic medicine.

  3. Hmm. I understand Gaetz’s point about possible longer timelines with the Schumer amendment, but it least it was comprehensive and thoughtful and covered things with carefully written language to specify everything and appointments of particular roles. I haven’t read Burchett’s amendment but the simple sounding “show us what you got in 180 days” leaves a lot of room for loopholes and more lies. “Oh … yeah, so OK, this is what we got… ho hum la Dee da.”

  4. When you really think about it, there could be a really big long game taking place that no one has seen coming. The Schumer Amendment, Grusch, and Karl could all be part of a plan to contain disclosure in a way no one saw coming.

    Grusch: tell them it’s real, get them to buy what you’re selling, but don’t give it all to them.

    Karl: Back Grusch, push Kirkpatrick out, become installed as the new head of AARO.

    Schumer: get an amendment passed that looks good on the surface, but involves a select committee review board that they choose so important UAP material ever reaches the public,… Lock it up for 25 yrs, JKF style. Disclosure Contained.

    The CIA could pull that off easy. 🤷🏾‍♂️😊

  5. Patrick discusses the recent tweet by Rep. Matt Gaetz that sent shockwaves through the UFO community. Here’s the tweet:

    *»Americans have long been kept in the dark by the U.S. government about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). The time for transparency is now. We don’t want the information in small bits and pieces over 25 years.*

    *The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by the House includes an amendment by Rep Tim Burchett, which mandates the Department of Defense (DoD) to declassify the military’s knowledge on UAPs within 180 days of the NDAA’s enactment. This proposal is currently the most effective way to expose what the DoD is hiding.*

    *Instead, Sen Schumer is trying to jam his amendment through the NDAA conference that would establish a commission akin to the decades-long JFK investigation. Under the commission, it could take up to 25 years to declassify documents and records related to UAPs. This is unacceptable.*

    *Thankfully, Rep Mike Rogers has been an ally in the efforts to expedite the disclosure of information on UAPs and to hold the House position.*

    *When the Air Force tried to block my review of the information discussed below, Chairman Rogers personally made calls and broke that logjam.*

    *The Senate now faces a choice between adopting Rep. Burchett’s amendment or Sen. Schumer’s prolonged approach.»*



    Matt Gaetz Tweet: [https://x.com/RepMattGaetz/status/1729999073854283823?s=20](https://x.com/RepMattGaetz/status/1729999073854283823?s=20)

    Newsnation Clip 1: [https://youtu.be/zqDbAxuybTc?si=kRy1Xa5Z-iUGW7A-](https://youtu.be/zqDbAxuybTc?si=kRy1Xa5Z-iUGW7A-)

    Newsnation Clip 2: [https://youtu.be/O6ShslicJeQ?si=RjolZWy4isuwfiqt](https://youtu.be/O6ShslicJeQ?si=RjolZWy4isuwfiqt)

    Rep Luna Tweet 1: [https://x.com/RepLuna/status/1730032735769579949?s=20](https://x.com/RepLuna/status/1730032735769579949?s=20)

    Rep Luna Tweet 2: [https://x.com/RepLuna/status/1729694609255645551?s=20](https://x.com/RepLuna/status/1729694609255645551?s=20)

    Dean Johnson Tweet: [https://x.com/ddeanjohnson/status/1730036742416118127?s=20](https://x.com/ddeanjohnson/status/1730036742416118127?s=20)

    Tiny Klaus Tweet: [https://x.com/tinyklaus/status/1730052392035528916?s=20](https://x.com/tinyklaus/status/1730052392035528916?s=20)

    Tiny Klaus Tweet 2: [https://x.com/tinyklaus/status/1730031208451498343?s=20](https://x.com/tinyklaus/status/1730031208451498343?s=20)

    Joe Murgia Tweet: [https://x.com/TheUfoJoe/status/1730068449844690958?s=20](https://x.com/TheUfoJoe/status/1730068449844690958?s=20)

  6. Ok, first: this dude is one of the least reliable witnesses we could ever have.

    Second: saw what, exactly? An Underage Female Object? And where? In the sky one time after doing too much blow and prostituting?

    Throw Gaetz the same dumpster as Tucker Carlson.

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