Желаю этому особенному сообществу счастливого инопланетного Рождества!

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Этот год стал вихрем как для верующих, так и для скептиков. Кажется, что мы близки к раскрытию информации больше, чем когда-либо. Продолжайте высказывать свое мнение по темам, которые важны для вас. Благодаря Всемирной паутине мы видим больше, чем когда-либо, учимся больше, чем когда-либо, и общаемся друг с другом больше, чем когда-либо. Большое спасибо сообществу инопланетян и НЛО на Reddit! Желаем вам чудесного отдыха. Надеемся, что в новом году всех ждут хорошие вещи!

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  1. Submission statement: This year has been a whirlwind for believers and skeptics alike. It feels we are closure to disclosure more than ever. Keep making your voices heard on the topics that are important to you. Because of the World Wide Web we see more than ever, learn more than ever and connect more with one another than we ever have. A big thank you to the alien and ufo community here on Reddit! Have an amazing holiday. Hopefully good things are coming in the new year for everyone!

  2. I saw mommy kissing Alien Santa Clause. Nine months later, Alien Santa Clause beamed her directly from her bed to its Alien Sleigh hovering above the roof. She awoke to missing time and dreams of Alien Reindeer.

  3. What I’m about to relate is going to sound ridiculous, but this community will be the most receptive to it. I’m not a loon, or crazy, or prone to conspiracy. I’m typically skeptically minded and rational.

    With all of the events unfolding, in particular the legislation in Congress, the Congressional hearing with Grusch and others, and information related by Gary Nolan, I am beginning to suspect that there may be NHI living among us that may either be non visible or appear to be human. Additionally, there have been a lot of claims that NHI are able to communicate telepathically (for lack of a better term).

    So when I’ve gone out into public recently I’ve taken to greeting everyone with my thoughts. This evening I went grocery shopping, wished everyone in the store a happy holiday season when I walked in, and asked if there was anyone in the store that would like to talk and that I would appreciate conversation.

    A few aisles later I had forgotten about my greeting and was busy browsing items on a shelf when a couple came up behind me. They stopped directly behind me and the man asked me this exact question, «Finding anything safe?» I was confused, safety isn’t a typical concern for the items I was looking at. It was an awkward start, but we began talking. At some point soon after the conversation started I realized they might be politely answering my greeting! So I told them with my thoughts that I appreciated their reaching out and thanked them, this is while we were also talking verbally about light topics. They really did just walk straight up to me and start talking about work, hobbies, the benefits of living here, etc.

    Logically speaking it was probably a coincidence. But if true, I keep trying to figure out if his question had dual meaning. Am I putting myself at risk by saying hello to NHI in public settings? Was he asking if I found any safe individuals to greet? Was he asking if it was safe to talk to me?

    There is one other event that occurred a few weeks back similar to this event that has me wondering.

  4. I found Reddit a year ago. I love you all. Honestly, the quick information confirmation and debunking is really one of my favorite benefits in this community. It offers me a specific and satisfying Notion to the word co-operation. Its really a example for the world, most of it anyway 😀

  5. Why do people in this community label themselves “believers” and “skeptics”? That language is used so often it almost feels like it’s done to intentionally divide the community.

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