Нашли этот документ, мнения?

Нашли этот документ, мнения?

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  1. Edited for clarification:
    The specific CIA document you posted is a really good example of raw intelligence. It provides a history of the obtained information with the goal of providing overall context. This summarizes communications regarding Nazi «flying saucers», and it was known that the USSR was super fascinated by the idea of these. Those familiar with more obscure aspects of UFO lore probably have heard how Soviet military leaders reporting running into such things on the battlefield.

    The soviet interest in flying saucers was used against them in counter intel quite a bit. The original page OP linked to discusses Otis Carr.

    The whole story is an interesting example of this in action, thanks to TBV FOIA: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/fbifiles/paranormal/otiscarr-fbi1.pdf

    Hoaxster starts a company with outlandish claims about a flying saucer powered by free energy that can reach the moon. Some ppl are duped because dude was apparently really charismatic, attracting investors. Intel agencies catch wind that USSR was showing interest in Carr’s claims too. So intel agencies started following Carr to see how his company could be used in counterintel ops.

    Eventually, Carr was no longer useful, so his company was raided and shut down for fraud

    Decades later when associates of his would be asked, they’d throw in unoriginal conspiracy theories about oil companies and govt fiat or w/e. I mean, these people were claiming Carr had made a vessel that could «teleport anywhere in the universe and required a higher consciousness.» I know some ppl here might latch onto that, but it is important to note that Dr Who with Tom Baker began airing in the US in 1978 on PBS. Prior to this, no one was claiming his vessel could teleport, just that it could work at all.

    Anyway. No one will read this but, my original comment was confusing.

    I do still fear that the CIA use of soviet interest in flying saucers for counterintel ops might cause some confusion in those investigating this stuff, especially in consideration of the new Daily Mail article about CIA retrieval programs. I listened to Matt Ford’s podcast, he was one of the authors. And he had the other two authors on. And he discussed their sourcing in detail and it frankly was not reassuring. What I would advise there is to consider the «gist» of that story instead of specific details

  2. My first thought “what ahole types forms like this”

    Second, this is debunked weekly

    Collecting evidence for cataloging is different than verifying evidence, especially in combating ussr propaganda

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