Мысли Нила Деграсса Тайсона о перуанских «инопланетянах»

Мысли Нила Деграсса Тайсона о перуанских «инопланетянах»

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  1. I’m unsure of two things. Why so many in this sub treat this guy as a boogeyman, and why his opinion carries so much weight here. Any time he mentions the subject you can count on seeing him in this sub.

    I enjoy Neil at times, although much less today than in the past since he’s become so arrogant in his old age, but when it comes to UAP, and all manners of it, the guy is out of his depth and refuses to educate himself or even consider it. So, what is the point of giving him attention? He’s right to be skeptical of the Peru stuff, but he shuts his eyes towards anything involving UAP and NHI. A waste of time hearing his takes on the manner.

  2. What would he have to offer other than attention? And he’s famously conceded, of course he wouldn’t want to lend himself to the attention of something which would, if true (which he has no say in), diminish what he’s been talking out of his ass about for years. Dudes a hack

  3. Here’s the problem with scientific evidence….

    I’ve never seen an atom in my life, but I believe they exist, because there is countless information about them. I’ll just take everyone’s word for it with 100% confidence atoms exist.

    Just like I’ll take with 100% confidence the millions of UAP and Aliens sighting over the course of 10k years are not all fake. Are they from other planets or from the Earths oceans? Who knows, but there is something we don’t know about out there.

    There eventually comes a point where you have to be like, «OK, the odds are basically 100% that at least one person out of millions is right».

    If there were 10 alien sightings a year I would need to see it with my own eyes.

  4. He raises some good points about the lack of scientific transparency. The amount of “trust me bro, Im like a super important person”. Science doesn’t have ego. Grusch and Jaime are very keen to insert themselves in the narrative.

    Edit: He talked about the odd coincidence about them looking so humanoid, but he didn’t get into that fun little discrepancy between the mexican scientists, where one claims, that they are humans from the future, and another claims their dna is completely different from humans to a degree, where we have more in common with a mushroom, than these “creatures”. And none of these two “scientific” explanations line up with the subterranean theory.

    If you’re gonna do a hoax, at least coordinate your stories amongst your “scientists”?

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