Кадры из Майами, 1995 год.

Кадры из Майами, 1995 год.

Miami 1995 footage.
byu/Loose-Alternative-77 inaliens

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  1. Certainly interesting to me. Sure, it could easily be a hoax *but* didn’t David Fravor and the witnesses of the Tic-Tac say that it shot off as if fired from the barrel of a rifle? This video makes me wonder if the Tic-Tac’s departure looked the same way

  2. This is a blimp at a football game. Pretty sure this was debunked a long time ago, as some blimps, Goodyear and others, would light up completely and still do I think. But there are quite a few videos showing blimps looking exactly like this, and in Miami? Yeah, that’s a blimp.

  3. This is real and surprising. Because I’ve seen the same thing as a child around same year. 1994-95 since then UFO’s look different but this is exactly the glowing and dimming lights I’ve seen suddenly shot out…

    I’ve seen in in Turkey 🇹🇷 in a sea side town

    So odd

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