«Сейчас мы — вид, переживающий величайшую революцию в нашем существовании, вероятно, с тех пор, как мы открыли огонь…» Ричард Долан

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«Сейчас мы — вид, переживающий величайшую революцию в нашем существовании, вероятно, с тех пор, как мы открыли огонь…» Ричард Долан

«We are a species right now in the midst of the greatest revolution to our existence probably since we discovered fire …» Richard Dolan
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  1. I think the possibility that we could be an «interesting show», as he alludes, is a cogent hypothesis.

    An extraterrestrial civilization capable of visiting us would likely have gone through a similar kind of transformation up to millions or even billions of years ago. Seeing us at the stage we are in now, to them, could be like witnessing abiogenesis would be to us.

    Assuming the common scientific view on evolution, imagine the descendants of humans a billion years from now. They could have been evolving artificially, alongside technology and outside of a natural ecosystem, outside Darwinian evolution, for on the order of how long it took for humans to evolve from single celled organisms. Imagine how different and strange they would be. They might not even have a distinction between biology and technology in their world.

    The natural development of organic intelligence, and then the beginning of their technological era, would likely be extremely interesting to them. It could potentially be something they’ve spent millions of years theorizing about. Earth, in its present moment, could be an extremely rare and valuable scientific resource, as well as curiosity.

  2. That’s what I have always said that sure there could be many intelligent species in our galaxy. But how many would be at our exact level of development right now. To any alien scientist it would be very interesting, it would be like if an ant colony started to use fire and technology it would be of extreme interest. Observing another species development would be very interesting to us and if we were in their position we would 100% be observing their development

  3. I remember Dolan giving a very powerful speech during the citizens hearing on disclosure iirc. Feels like such a long time ago…back then I’d obsess over this topic due to some experiences I had in my life when I was younger. I remember showing the speech to people and them thinking it was some scene from a movie, or that it was fake and paid it no attention. It was like no one cared about it back then. Today It seems like more eyes are on the topic.

  4. Agree

    Very exciting

    To realize:
    — Consciousness exists after death of this human avatar
    — We are not alone. There are intelligent sentient multi dimensional entities out there who can be engaged via expanded consciousness and deep meditation
    — Also that human history is a lot older/longer than we all realize

  5. Love Richard Dolan. He has incredible knowledge on the phenomenon. Highly recommend his YouTube channel where he always brings interesting cases or hypotheses and questions on the phenomenon. Seems like a sweet-heart of a guy, too, without the big ego some of the other people in the UFO community display.

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