Разве они не понимают, что это заставляет людей все больше и больше не доверять правительству? как будто сбивая законопроект/поправку, они как бы признают, что у них есть космический корабль.

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Разве они не понимают, что это заставляет людей все больше и больше не доверять правительству? как будто сбивая законопроект/поправку, они как бы признают, что у них есть космический корабль.

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30 комментарий для “Разве они не понимают, что это заставляет людей все больше и больше не доверять правительству? как будто сбивая законопроект/поправку, они как бы признают, что у них есть космический корабль.”
  1. One of the great things regular people learn when looking into the UFO topic is the government is seriously bad news. You get a good insight into the level of lies they constantly tell about everything.

    If we had a good education system, everyone would already know that no one should trust the government. As our education systems are terrible, looking into UFOs is a good way of finding out how corrupt and untrustworthy they are.

    I used to work in the mainstream media and just to get this out there incase people do not know, the media is pure scum also. Their roles is not to report the truth but to coverup and lie to protect and doing the bidding of the elite.

    Yet who do so many people look at for information on this topic? The government and the media.

  2. They probably do but look at how hard it is to even get something concerning this info on the news/worldnews subreddits and how hard it is to speak about this to other people who don’t roam these subs. They bank on us being called loonies by the public.

  3. If you wanted to create an Alarmist situation, then this is it. This is not good and I am now preparing for the worst. I don’t think Catastrophic Disclosure is a leak or a false flag, I think it might just be a show of force by the Off-World groups. I think these beings knew that governments would do this bullshit and they warned them of the consequences if they did. Now the only thing I hope for is that these beings don’t start a hot conflict with us and that they have some patience with us because this could get very ugly very fast, anytime from now until the near future.

  4. Reposting my comment that I made on a similar post in regards to them shutting this down.

    Then the people need to «make» them reopen it. We tried being nice. Think it might be time for the other option for disclosure.

    Edit. Let me clarify why I’m saying this.. This information is what our life is literally all about. This isn’t some question as to what company didn’t pay their taxes this fiscal year… This is monumental for the advancement of our entire species, or to give some of us a fighting chance of survival. This information being withheld is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and nobody has the authority to cease or hinder human advancement for possibly both control and financial purposes.

  5. They need to act fast. The people that gutted this are all sponsored by the private corporations known to have material of unknown origin and/or crafts.
    If they don’t fix this, we will lose the lead of becoming the main source of anything ET related. Adversaries might take advantage of this

  6. Well I guess it’s up to Ross Culthard to stop complaining and break the whole thing wide open like the great investigative journalist he claims to be. He just needs to tell us where the UFO “ too big to move” is located and it will be all over. It’s “Disclosure” is in his hands now!!

  7. Instead of bitching, like i see — lets identify WHO shot it down, WHO gutted it — internet detectives unite!

    Lets make a list, start campaign, vote them out — take action. Crap man…. By us… i mean all of you, ‘I’ll upvote.

  8. If people are going to continue baselessly speculating about uaps or panicking and believing in conspiracy why would they release the truth?

    Without looking at things from a rational, speculative approach any data released is going to cause mass hysteria.

  9. The proposed amendments were going to force the disclosure of advanced classified military programs that would trigger a national security crisis simply to satisfy our UFO curiosity.

    Give away eighty years of intense alien craft reverse-engineering secets? After trillions of dollars were poured into the black projects, that would put the U.S. in a precarious position. A basic limited briefing is all it took to make the Congressional investigators realize that sometimes the secrets are too dangerous to disclose.

  10. Wow, UFO community has pretty low standards:


    False Allegations about the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS): In 1994, Coulthart, while working on the Australian TV program «Four Corners,» alleged that ASIS secretly held tens of thousands of files on Australian citizens. This claim prompted an official investigation, which found that Coulthart’s information was largely inaccurate and had damaged the reputation of ASIS and Australia overseas​​.

    Journalistic Standard: Involvement in a Newsroom Brawl: In 2014, Coulthart, then the chief investigations reporter for Channel 7’s Sunday Night news program, resigned following a newsroom brawl. He later worked for 60 Minutes on Channel Nine but left in 2018 after his contract was not renewed​​.

    Support of Warcriminals: In 2018, Coulthart managed public relations for ex-soldier and accused war criminal Ben Roberts-Smith, who was later found by a court to have committed war crimes​​.

    UFO Reporting Lacks Evidence: Coulthart’s focus on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence has been questioned for lacking public evidence to support the existence of such phenomena​​. He provides no proof of his outrageous claims.


    Frivolous Lawsuit Allegations: In a case filed by the Christic Institute in 1986, which Sheehan led, the U.S. Federal Judge James Lawrence King dismissed the case due to a lack of genuine issues of material fact and reliability of the witnesses cited by Sheehan. The Christic Institute was ordered to pay over $1 million in attorneys’ fees and court costs, and the IRS later revoked its nonprofit status, claiming the suit was politically motivated​​.

    These are your peeps UFOlogy. WTF? This is the best you got?

  11. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s going to be up to a disgruntled employee or someone who really really wants to make a difference and shows
    up at a local news office with a piece of a UFO or a 2ft alien in his/her backpack to finally prompt disclosure and get the public way mire interested in the topic.
    I just find it hard to believe in nearly 90
    years not one person REALLY spilt the beans.

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