Соединенные Штаты не могут позволить России или Китаю взять на себя инициативу в вопросе UAP.

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Соединенные Штаты не могут позволить России или Китаю взять на себя инициативу в вопросе UAP.

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  1. If they don’t want to disclose it, someone else will. I just often wonder how does the NHI factor tie in to this. Do they want all humans knowing about them or do they want to remain in secrecy. Too many people at this point know at the very least that something is going on.

  2. China: We have made contact.

    Rest of World: We don’t trust you.

    Russia: we have made contact

    Rest of World: We don’t believe you.

    Aliens: Fuck this lot, let’s go to Andromeda.

  3. Rushing disclosure for political clout or to be «first» is stupid. This isnt an area there should be competition like this in. There was the great rush to beat others to the moon and look what happened. We dont need false information. Its already a heavy enough subject. We’re going to have to work together with non NATO countries. Its the only option.

  4. they are all bought out by major corporations and can’t disclose or lose their black money they been making the 60 yrs they have had their seat. Seriously, we need to get rid of all the old ass people in government who are locked in to keeping secrets. There should be an age limit where they have to retire at 62z. This shit is ridiculous

  5. A fractionalized civilization at constant war with itself will be incredibly easy for an outside civ to exploit. If they haven’t already done so. Who’s to say the reason there’s not scores of humans on some other world being used to do untold things. We are adaptable, smart and strong enough to be useful but not threateningly so. What if Americas shadow government has been complicit in the abduction of humans and what are the implications of finding out there might be more of us somewhere else?

  6. Well, it will probably take China or Russia disclosing what they have to force the Americans to come to terms with their own gov’t coverup of UFOs and ET.

    It took Sputnik and other firsts by the USSR to light that candle under the collective asses of America to launch the space race.

    Further, I wonder if the US gov’t knows what sort of UFOs and ET bodies do the Chinese and Russians have in their possession.

  7. Then the people need to «make» them reopen it. We tried being nice. Think it might be time for the other option for disclosure.

    Edit. Let me clarify why I’m saying this.. This information is what our life is literally all about. This isn’t some question as to what company didn’t pay their taxes this fiscal year… This is monumental for the advancement of our entire species, or to give some of us a fighting chance of survival. This information being withheld is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and nobody has the authority to cease or hinder human advancement for possibly both control and financial purposes.

  8. It’s not a race, but US does want to control the narrative.

    1. They need to address any cover up and project funding issues.
    2. US has a big deeply religious voting block, who might go nuts.

    Whereas for China,
    1. No need to explain coverups
    2. No big religious groups that their government can’t control.

    China is also a collectivist society- so I would think all things disclosure and what to do after acceptance should go easier than the US.

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