Это одно из лучших видео с НЛО (тик-так) всех времен.

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Это было снято в 2020 году и до сих пор не разоблачено. Разоблачители утверждают, что это какая-то ошибка, но в этом нет никакого смысла. Но видео не VFX, оно настоящее. Может ли это быть похоже на то, что Дэвид Фрэвор видел в 2004 году? Оригинальные кадры: https://youtu.be/1x-cVAXsurg?si=uQCMN27UYjCByv1C

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  1. I remember way back in like 2006 on fox 5 news, they were going to break and one of the upcoming stories after the break was about some rods that were caught on camera flying in the sky near the airport in Atlanta. They showed a small snippet.

    Once the commercial break was over they never mentioned it again and never aired the story. But they looked just like this video except they flew just straight and didn’t adjust their trajectory.

    Does anybody else remember this?

  2. This is to me of the best footage, complete with stabilisation, that I’ve ever seen – better still than the Turkey video and superior to many photos. I would classify this shape as more of a cylinder than tic-tac though. A metallic surface with reflection can be observed apart from high velocity. Compelling..!

  3. It does not matter. Someone within the “Program” needs to take one for the team and release any all evidence. Who the fuck cares about shitty videos and photos anymore. Commit treason if you’re a real patriot.

  4. I guess I’ll have to watch it again because I must be missing something. To me it looks like it flies exactly like something remote controlled but if it’s the best footage ever I better take another look

  5. I’ve seen a ufo before and it reminded me of an animal as opposed to a vessel. I’ve seen other ufo videos and they do remind me of bugs. This one did too. It can be an outer space flying object and an insect too.

  6. I kinda believe a lot of ufos especially like this one could be some kind of military gov tech. Why would space faring aliens that’s traveled millions of light years leave any sort of trace of its existence like this?

  7. It looks like a passenger jet to me. The video is fairly low-res so the wings don’t show up well, the same way you can see no detail on the town below. The video is clearly sped up too. The fuselage of the plane is the largest and easiest part for the camera to pick up.

  8. By the way, I wonder what it actually is. It’s hard to imagine that it could be a vehicle that has some sort of miniature pilots (although who knows). It looks more like something that is autonomous. The question is whether it is some form of being or a drone. Amazing. This is probably the best UFO footage I’ve seen in my life and I totally believe it for the moment.

  9. Going with fake.

    Reason: The clouds are moving but the shadow cover on the ground is not changing, like the ground is a static image. Is this necessary to do to fake such a thing with a CGI ‘tictac’? Not if this began life as video but yes if they began with a photo. This allows them to scale up the cloud layer, or replace it entirely, then animate in the rod shape flying around. getting it to go ‘into’ the clouds is a simple matter of a mask as well with a feathered edge.

    Additionally, it’s moving in a fashion that suggests it would be subject to aerodynamic concerns, it steers through the turns. This means it would disrupt the clouds as it went in and out at those kinds of speeds. It doesn’t.

    So, I think this is really a still photo that’s had the sky animated and the craft animated around.

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