Дэвид Груш сказал, что они пытались замутить ситуацию. Когда что и кто? Документы заявления или иное. ?

Дэвид Груш предоставил нам информацию, которая в конечном итоге должна привести к тому, что Обаме будут заданы вопросы, относящиеся к встречам, которые, по словам Груша, имели место. Он уже услышал и, вероятно, осознает масштабы того, что сказал. Речь больше не идет о том, что Груша ввели в заблуждение и сделали жертвой ПСИОПа. Вопрос в том, лжет он или нет. Если только вы не думаете, что Обама был частью PSYOP .lol. Это не была психологическая операция на президентском уровне. Если и когда Обаму спросят, я не думаю, что он солжет. Вполне возможно, что Обама знал об этом интервью до того, как оно произошло. Дэвид Груш, казалось, был очень надежным и важным участником многих стратегических проектов. Если это правда, ему доверяли достаточно, чтобы президент Соединенных Штатов рассказал ему правду о том, что это за явление. Феномен, который был подтвержден Обамой в публичном заявлении. Это была не шутка. Это было то, что ему нужно было сказать. Груш упомянул, что мы стали жертвами запланированной правительством ПСИОП. Груш упомянул, что они пытались замутить ситуацию. Когда и какой PSYOP состоялся? Это то, о чем Грушу должно быть разрешено говорить. Пришло время хотя бы получить информацию о том, какую психологическую операцию навязали публике, чтобы замутить воду. Выскажите, пожалуйста, свое мнение о том, что было сделано, чтобы мутить воду;. ?

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  1. Prob when NASA said they found nothing, things like pentagon saying they can’t «prove» there are ETs etc based on current evidence. Guys like Neil Degrasse saying we have no direct evidence and so on. To an extent he’s right — but only when viewed through the public skeptic lense.

    At this point, it’s just a matter of time. The momentum behind the movement is too strong, millennials and younger demand answers, and question authority at an entirely different level than boomers and older ever did.

    Even if somehow Grusch just poofed away and Shumer amendment gets blocked, I am 100% confident truths will be told within our lifetime. The flood gates are bursting at the seams and the old guard is at this point just slapping duct tape on leaky joints where they can. It won’t work forever.

  2. I mean I think the PSYOP could be telling the general public there are no UAP and calling anyone and everyone crazy who thinks there are. Grusch touched on this a bit in the JRE interview. Muddying the waters would be denial and attempts to redirect. Roswell comes to mind.

  3. The doctored photos of the moon and Mars comes to mind
    Nasa was adding filters to Mars pics for a long time until photoshop made it to easy to correct their manipulation
    It’s been proven with many different photos that they have been altered by Nasa before release with photos on Mars, the moon and also photos of earth from space
    Just watch the why files videos on it.
    I’m from the UK and one thing the UK government clearly had a hand in was making us all think crop circles were crazy they had me believing for most of my life that they were made by two old boys in a field and then picked up by uni students, after relooking at some of the more elaborate crop circles there is absolutely no way they were being made by friends on the ground due to how perfect/symmetrical some of them are it just wouldn’t be possible.

  4. DG could have embellished his truth many times on the JRE but instead refused to comment on the things he believed were truly a matter of national security. And I for one believed him.

  5. Has it ever occurred to anyone that by now dragging Obamas name into this, he’s the one trying to muddy the waters ?

    Because that’s exactly what he’s doing .

    He’s a former intelligence agent , trained in information warfare, he does not say or do anything by accident.

  6. The only PsyOp i could think would be what they are telling Michael Herrera about them reverse engineering these craft and flying them all the time. Maybe they have a few craft they can fly, but i truly doubt whichever sect of the government he’s in contact with are actually providing him real information on what is going on.

  7. If dude actually believed the stuff he said, he would have said it under oath in Congress, not save it for some dumpy ass podcast hosted by a pile of potatoes.

    I want to aliens to be real, but this Grush stuff (which I was willing to he hopeful about at first) and the alien «mummies» are not the evidence I’m looking for. This shit is trash, and it’s embarrassing that so many people are buying into it. Grush is just going to turn this into book deals and appearances and other stuff to make cash.

    I thought he seemed like a serious and reputable source that could actually be trusted in a sense, but the guy is just as much full of his own nonsense now as all the others. I believe what he was saying in US Congress is more accurate and likely has more truth to it — the JRE podcast stuff is all just fluff BS for the show.

  8. Grusch was cleared to speak about the things he is speaking about because they aren’t true. Therefore he can say anything he wants. If there was a shred of truth to any of it he’d be in jail

  9. The irony is that Grusch himself is most likely getting Bennewitz’d.

    All we’ve got from him is secondhand info from «guys he trusts!». I don’t think he’s lying at all personally. But I think that his neurodivergence made him an easy target for the higher ups who want to spread misinformation for whatever reason.

    Also, what makes you think Obama himself wasn’t psy-op’d as well? He was just a serving president with no military background. They tell him what they want him to know, and he’s got no firsthand knowledge either.

  10. You give real information to crackpots and false information that will be debunked later to the respected. This will make real information suspect and respected people questioned. This will create an untrustworthy information economy so truth itself is no longer possible.

  11. One aspect I wonder about is in whether some dubious whistle-blowers (e.g. Corso, whose claims about laser technology are incongruent with its _well-documented_ history), weren’t actually told to deliver those dubious claims instead of the «real stuff» precisely so it’d be hard to know who to trust. Giving a little truth but mixing it with shit so the whole thing tastes like shit and is spit out totally, including the truthier bits.

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