Воссоздано просочившееся изображение с конференции SOL относительно раскрытия информации.

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Сообщается, что исходное изображение было слегка искажено, и это изображение было воссоздано, чтобы его можно было прочитать. Это было взято из подкаста Кристиана Харлоффа. Я слежу за ним уже много лет, и все, о чем он говорит, это фильмы по комиксам. После слушаний в Конгрессе Груша он начал посвящать один день в неделю освещению этой темы. Полный подкаст очень интересен. Эти ребята новички в этой теме, поэтому было бы немного приятно услышать их мнение. Полная серия https://youtu.be/ZDboRFsvaA4?si=_ooFHmiY7LSEUEpu

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  1. We claim to love a free market so much in this country but god forbid we lose intellectual property rights

    If intellectual property still matters to us after that then we’re a doomed species

  2. Imagine thinking the government has a timeline planned for disclosure including acceptance by gov, science and general public. As usual this just smells like BS like most of the stuff on this sub

  3. im confused isnt this just a «plan» they think its the best way to do it? or is this something they know is going to happen?

    i mean if its just their plan i dont really think its very useful in the sense that they dont really decide what the US would release really.

  4. The entities and non human beings which include the Archons and Annunaki are from the Draco Orion Alliance. They are in the process of the final stage in an ongoing agenda that does not have humanities best interests. All the craft that have been seen lately belong to them. They are showing themselves because the energy from your consciousness thought and wanting in disclosure is a manipulation of consent. They are merging an artificial timeline/reality with current reality. This is the new matrix one that will have a frequency fence so powerful that no souls will ever be able to exit or enter and will be stuck in an eternal reincarnation cycle. The goal is to destroy the Christos Sophia DNA. There already exists many of these entities on this planet masquerading in human clones. These clones will procreate with humans creating hybrids. Eventually the Christos DNA will be obsolete and there will be a new race of human beings without the Christos spark of divinity. This is also the way they intend to reclaim the eternal soul that they believe belonged to them and was stolen by us. Their soul were destroyed when they chose to sever there connection to source in favor of immediate power. By doing this they became parasitic and attach to our energy fields in order to exist. People need to stop trying to get disclosure any benevolent beings are already connected to us and do everything they can to spiritually guide us. If you look into the translation of some of the crop circles they have tried to convey this information to us but they live by the universal law to not interfere with with the evolution of any other race. And we are a relatively new race among the stars. If all the spiritual knowledge had not been surpressed and hidden from us we would have already evolved our consciousness and been in contact with higher beings. We should all have naturally been able to project our consciousness(astral projection). It is through hijacking’s the earth natural energy grid, changing our frequency and calcifying our pineal glands that has blocked our ability to access this information that is embedded in our Christos DNA. The constant sightings is consciousness manipulation that they have doing to us for a very long time. Instead of disclosure we should not be given them the energy they are trying to get by acknowledging them we should be taking back our free will by completely disregarding them. It’s the spiritual war that’s been waging for a long time, a war over our consciousness, our bodies, our planet and our souls. The incarnated souls on this planet that have awakened to their role in the Christos Realignment Mission are working hard to evict these negative entities.

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