Новость набирает обороты и реакцию

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Новость набирает обороты и реакцию

READ  Пришло время отказаться от коррумпированного правительства и самим организовать мероприятие по раскрытию информации. Мы, люди, можем напрямую вызывать корабль.

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  1. The United States of America is literally complicit in crimes against its own constitution and have overstepped the boundaries of democracy.

    This is not a small problem. This is the biggest news story in the history of humanity.

    … and they lied to us.

    I mean I do not want to harm any fellow American over anything but I feel as if the American Revolution was started over far less… Taxation without representation.

    This is freaking with holding and lying about the truth of humanity.

  2. US shoots down alleged spy balloon
    US goes and retrieves alleged spy balloon

    It would be rather silly to shoot something down and not go retrieve it.

    It would be cool if UFO meant Alien 100% but it unfortunately does not.

  3. For those that are not in the UK, if you see any article that says the following words ‘The Sun’, ‘Daily Mail’, ‘The Star’ or ‘The Mirror’, stop reading and never look again.

    Trash gutter press.

    That said, the more attention it gets the better, just get your own news from somewhere more serious.

  4. why does any of this Alien stuff matter? theyre not going to reveal anything palpable. the western world (perhaps the entire world) is oppressed by a cabalistic regime that hordes and dillutes information to direct the masses as it sees fit.

    we are never getting any solid information unless we are in the financial atmosphere that allows us to access said information.

  5. This is not getting traction.. if it was I wouldn’t have heard of it here first. It will get real traction when they stop saying “whistleblower said” every five seconds and instead start citing government figures telling the truth, not whistleblowing, but actually disclosing information to the public. Until then stop hyping this shit up. Too many people already think it’s fake as it is, we don’t need more vague evidence that does nothing for them until we can say for certain what the fuck is going down.

  6. Is the DailyMail the only source? They are tabloid garbage that reports some real news. Almost every week the world appears to be ending (according to them) via asteroid or comet if i’m to believe them. Followed by a disclaimer that the changes are 1 in 2.5m.

  7. I saw an almost 10-year-old video by a guy, Richard D Hall, who made interviews with some British folk about human mutilation cases in Britain. Shortly, the US. made a deal during the 1980s with the UK to retrieve UAP crashes, using the American military bases in the UK. This info was provided by a former, high-ranking NATO official. The same official stated that the clean-up squad often killed survivors, as they would pose a threat to the secrecy. The NATO official also stated that many people within this clean-up squad were diagnosed with some kind of cancer.


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