ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: секретный офис ЦРУ провел миссии по поиску НЛО как минимум на ДЕВЯТИ местах крушения по всему миру, сообщают информаторы

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ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: секретный офис ЦРУ провел миссии по поиску НЛО как минимум на ДЕВЯТИ местах крушения по всему миру, сообщают информаторы

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  1. There were  documents  found from the timeof Project Moon Dust that uncovered a secret USAF crash retrieval team by the name of Blue Fly.
    1961 the release  of Project «Moon Dust» (Just Caus report). They discovered that the retrieval of downed space objects, including UFOs, was the responsibility of a «special unit» at Fort Belvoir, NJ., the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron[4602nd Betz Memo](https://www.nicap.org/4602smpl4.htm)

    This is the case Mellon was talking about, when hes asked about crashes & he says «it may not be a crash». The craft in Kingman was literally left in a designated location fully intact [USMC Capt Bill Uhouse](https://youtu.be/OK0SCWRHl00).

  2. While NHI is definitely the bigger deal here, can we also take the time to note that the US is not only invading foreign countries and stealing stuff, but has an entire named CIA office dedicated to doing so?

  3. The watering down of the NDAA is making this law pointless. Without eminent domain and subpoena we are not gonna see jack shit. ‘Sources said the CIA office then often hands the wreckage or material over to private aerospace contractors for analysis, where it is not subject to rigorous government audits and can be shielded with protections for trade secrets.’
    Once again, the dadgum money grabber war pigs win

  4. Here’s my theory on this; these kinds of reports aren’t meant for us — the general public — but are meant as a signal to the powers that be that if they don’t allow a controlled disclosure then they will have to deal with an uncontrolled disclosure in the form of illegal leaks.

  5. Im a believer but come on. No paperwork, no material, no video/photographs? It doesn’t matter how many witnesses you parade in front of the the press, you need something irrefutable! They aren’t going to let the tech go because a bunch of nerds want them to!

  6. I understand some of you are frustrated over the lack of evidence, i am too myself, but bringing forward more and more witnesses doesn’t hurt now does it? If you have done your own research and believe the phenomenon to be a fact then the bringing forward of these witnesses should not discourage you as all it does is add more validity to us that have dove into this subject, i believe things are coming though, obviously there is no way for a civilian like me to have evidence of that but it does seem to me that the needle has been moving forward and pretty quick (not as quick as we’d all want to but quicker compared to other generations)
    we need to stick together on this and see it through

  7. Please, please, PLEASE! Email and call your senators and congressmen! Demand they pass the Schumer Amendment! We, the American taxpayers, are funding their sh*t show in Washington and we deserve transparency. The ridiculous “national security” excuse is not going to work any longer. This is arguably the most important legislation in history!



    [Please copy, paste and email]

    Dear Senator (or Representative) [last name]: As your constituent, I write to urge your support for passage of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a bill introduced by Senator Schumer, which would increase transparency around Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) and further open scientific research. The legislation introduced as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will be on the Senate floor next week, would direct the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to create a collection of records to be known as the UAP Records Collection and direct every government office to identify which records would fall into the collection. The UAP Records Collection would carry the presumption of immediate disclosure, which means that a review board would have to provide a reasoning for the documents to stay classified. Please advise me of the actions you intend to take with respect to this bill.

    Respectfully, [Your Name and Address and Email]

  8. Articles like this are a reason why this topic is considered a joke. No source, no credible witness, no date, no place mentioned, no evidence. Literally «trust me bro, a friend of my friend def saw something».

  9. Is it too crazy to speculate that they leave and crash their craft deliberately as part of their planned gradual reveal to man kind?

    Or is it really just sucky build quality out of their factories?

    I mean they lost more UFOs in last few decades than humans have lost commercial airplanes… (or at least it feels that way)

  10. Neat… but how would these operations look any different from retrieving a downed piece of tech from some foreign adversary? «UFO» doesn’t necessarily mean aliens.

  11. I think articles like this are getting out to force the government hand. This article rendered the OGA’s job much harder.

    I assume that if the American and world populations knew these were real the amount of misdirection would be such that these programs could actually carry on 😅

    There is irony in all this

  12. We just didn’t know it was the CIA. Which was created back in 1947. It does make sense too. Ufo’s were throwing false flags over enemy territories and both sides had to communicate about this phenomenon. Imagine a UFO Flying over the heads of a missile silo and next thing we know, we dead

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