ЧУЖИЕ: Хорошо, плохо или безразлично?

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Недавно я открыл для себя веб-сайт www.BadAliens.info и был поражен тем, как редко какая-либо информация появляется где-либо еще. История контактов между цивилизациями в нашем мире действительно темна: местные культуры либо стираются, либо поглощаются более технологически развитыми культурами всякий раз, когда контакт происходит. У нас есть доказательства похищений, нанесения увечий и манипуляций, связанных с нечеловеческими существами, насчитывающие тысячи лет. Имея это в виду, я хотел проверить температуру в этом сабвуфере. Какой должна быть позиция человечества по мере приближения к периоду открытого контакта?

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  1. Many people like Grush and Elizondo seem to be ontologically drunk. Just dizzy on the language juice. «Gods? Maybe. Demons? Probably. Psionic powered artificial life forms from an alternate reality? Sure, fuck it, why not all of them at the same time?» The more of their interviews I see, the worst it gets. People ask them leading questions and they blurt out this effectist lines that sound like gibberish because they seem to be tired of just simply repeating that the purported phenomena surrounding these beings makes no sense. But It does makes sense that it makes no sense. These are things that are well beyond the bubble of our collective paradigm. We simply don’t even know what we don’t know about them. Think about showing a monkey your brand new smartphone. The monkey can hardly understand the use of a hammer and here you are, a hairless ape (impossibly clean and nice smelling) holding this slab of stone that looks like onix, but it also shines without fire and makes sounds without a mouth. Forget smartphones, the monkey doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know what a landline is. We are the monkey. The NHEs are as interested in us as we are interested in monkeys. Do we have exchanges and interactions with monkeys? Yeah sure. Do we have MEANINGFUL exchanges with monkeys? (Do we talk about life the universe and the number 42?) No. Its not interesting for us to do it because monkeys cannot understand our meaning making. Do we make deals and negotiate with monkeys? No need. They usually don’t have anything we want, and when they do, we just take it from them. Now just transpose the relationship so that humans are in the monkey position and you get a very close approximation of how our relationship with NHEs seem to play out.

  2. Hope you like near-East religions and hope you like not having answers because the answer lays somewhere, maybe, within the confines of ancient Jewish, Babylonian and Greek writings.

    Occam’s Razor has us pointing to a battle between forces with both sides respecting being on the edge of reality.

    There’s a reason why almost 100% of every person you respect in the field kind of goes «ok so maybe it is gods and God» (Grusch, most recently but I can even link you people like Knapp saying this)

  3. The ones based on Earth are actually good. Keep in mind that there are many different alien races visiting our planet at any given time. They’re not evil or threatening to humans, just with their own stupid agendas, eg, experiments, curiosity

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