Институт SETI получил 200 миллионов долларов на поиск доказательств инопланетной жизни

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Институт SETI получил 200 миллионов долларов на поиск доказательств инопланетной жизни

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29 комментарий для “Институт SETI получил 200 миллионов долларов на поиск доказательств инопланетной жизни”
  1. maybe look into why you have a former US high ranking military dude claiming the US already have craft then spend 200 million looking for the life that is probably already here lel

  2. How many years has the government wasted our money on SETI , 50 ?

    SETI only scans one frequency at a time in one area of the night sky .
    Because that’s the type of communication technology we used , AM and FM radio, at the time SETI was developed .

    Do to this limitations SETI could not detect any form of modern communication technology , that switches channels to avoid interference.

    SETI could not even detect signals from cell phone network covering the entire moon.

    But it’s going to detect am radio frequencies in some random solar system light years away

    It is the biggest joke. and waste of our taxpayer dollars , NASA has come up with to date .

    Which makes SETI quite an achievement .

  3. Black Ops Purchasing Agent: “hey, we need to buy a few dozen high performance pilot chairs for our new fleet of reverse engineered space ships.”

    Black Ops Project Manager: “well, how much is that going to cost?”

    Black Ops purchasing agent: “approximately $200M”.

    Black Ops Project Manager: “I got you, broski”

  4. They’re not going to find anything unless they start detecting and tracking neutrinos.

    From the book «Earth an Alien Enterprise» by UFO researcher Timothy Good:

    (The Barbara Beavers UFO encounter in **1977** in Yucca Valley, California)


    >“Reaching the parking area, she heard a sound like rushing wind, looked at the mesa to the north, and saw a glow which resolved itself into an almost transparent half-dome with translucent panes, four in number on the side that could be seen.
    >“The upper portion of the vessel appeared to rotate clockwise, in the direction opposite to that of a disc on the underside. When the craft came to rest, hovering a few yards off the ground, the rotation ceased.
    >The fuel was carried in a lower portion in a sort of ‘cloud chamber’ and consisted of plasma and electromagnetism. The temperature of the central portion was 0.01° greater than absolute zero. The computer stated that plasma was the first state of matter in the universe. The vehicles produced their own external clouds. **Their communications were by neutrinos that traveled faster than light. When the speed of the neutrino decreased to that of the speed of light, it ‘died’ and remained in a cloud until reactivated.** “In their charts, communications, and central section, glass fibers were used to bend light, and with lasers to make holographic images, so that the crew could see outside the entire ship.


    Eric Hecker, Raytheon contractor, claims the South Pole neutrino detector is used to track UFO communications:


    Snippet of Eric Hecker’s statement from the disclosure report press conference, June 12 2023.

    Hecker claims to have knowledge and proof that the IceCube detector in Antarctica is more than just an outer space neutrino detector.

    **He says the UFOs emit neutrinos** so the only way to track them is with a neutrino detector, and that IceCube is **also a communication base for “faster than light communications”.**

  5. SETI is a Bullshit, waste of a program. They do this every year to secure money for themselves while absolutely producing NOTHING OF VALUE. They also tend to discredit everyone else because they think the only form of communication with ET is through radio only. They don’t need 200 million at all. I would rather give that 200 million to other private UAP research institutions.

  6. OMG seth fucking shostak doesnt deserve a single penny, given how ignorant he is that actual alien crafts flying over his head and he wont acknowledge it if it landed infront of him

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