Нападения в Перу: кадры черной фигуры, поправляющей что-то на спине, находясь на дереве в районе Пичанаки в Перу.

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Источник: @peru_attacks Twitter/X Расширенные кадры здесь: https://x.com/ophello/status/1723996861051359434?s=46&t=V6zv6o5YM7vewH1jP_V0CA

Peru attacks- footage of a black figure adjusting something on its back whilst atop a tree in the Pichanaqui district of Peru
byu/bertiesghost inaliens

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  1. I wish there was a way to slow down the video as well in the stabilized version.

    I’ve watched it numerous times. It appears to be human or at least humanoid. To me, the arms look a little off- too long or something. But that could just be poor quality video? Something that I can’t tell is if this thing is perched on top of the trees or if it’s some sort of mountain or rock formation?

    The movements do seem very human to me: it does look like they are putting on a backpack. I guess my other question is the outfit- it almost looks like a wetsuit. It appears to cover them from head to toe.

  2. Us born anglocentric muppets assuming poor villagers in Amazonian jungles have iPhone 13’s at 4k … this is why we have our current failing administration. We are that dumb currently. Forget about common sense.

  3. I’m now 100% sure these are people using the new jetpack tech used by the military and some search and rescue teams. Likely trying to scare off the natives so they can proceed with illegal mining and forestry.

  4. Im peruvian and is the first time I hear about this face peelers 😂, and couldn’t find any local news.

    Don’t get too exited about this, here’s some info on the area.

    This is a jungle type zone and it has indigenous locals, so it is posible that it is just a hunter or recolector, and in my opinion definitely human because of the size, there’s monkeys but this seems too big.

    This a zone where there’s a lot of narcotraffic (cocaine) people that do this usually take some towns by force to cultivate the coca plants, and of course they have surveillance, nothing fancy so someone on a tree is more than likely, they need to watch out for police and military.

    This zone is also known to be the place where the remnants of the terrorist group “sendero Luminoso” (shining path) are located, nowadays they mostly do narcotraffic, so same as above there could be some members on the trees as surveillance.

    Because of the illegal activities and the groups involved there is police and military surveillance and operations in the area, so it could also be a member of police or military doing surveillance on the tree (the investigations in the jungle are very hard and precarious because of the terrain and vegetation but Could also be installing cams or something more elaborate.

    I saw some videos of alien guys talking to locals and giving them some food and stuff. So the problem here is that people in the area are very poor, so they would agree to say anything for a little help, so I don’t wanna be disrespectful to people that are into this alien stuff but the mustache guy might be making the locals say those things.

    About the face peeled corpses, well that’s weird I’ll admit but as I said there’s remnants of terrorist groups, these people are very violent and abuse the locals so peeling their faces wouldn’t be too rare as a punishment.

    Weird that there’s any local news (not even tweets joking about the alien black hoverboard stuff), I swear there’s nothing about this in the peruvian media. I really think that some alien guy is trying to create this story about alien attacks in a very remote part of my country.

    But that aside if you are interested in alien activity in Peru, there’s some places famous for the observation of UFOs, “Chilca” is one of them. There’s another place that I can’t remember the name but people go camping on mountains to see UFOs.

    This topic is not popular here but I’m sure you can find some info online and also maybe go to this observation sites if you visit my country.

  5. Would it be too much to ask to get a single photograph, or video, that we don’t have to close one eye, tilt our fucking heads or pause to have a clue of what we’re seeing??? So tired of it. With all of the tech out there, no one can get a single freaking pic.

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