Может ли существовать какое-то измерение, накладывающее наше, невидимое и недоступное для нас, но сфера, в которой нечеловеческий интеллект (NHI) действует свободно?

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Может ли существовать какое-то измерение, накладывающее наше, невидимое и недоступное для нас, но сфера, в которой нечеловеческий интеллект (NHI) действует свободно?


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  1. There is a term about this called the uber umwelt

    Think of all the species on this planet, numbering in the billions that don’t have a full scope of the reality they live in. A bird doesn’t understand what a smartphone is, or what the internet is or what human culture is. They aren’t evolved to it, they aren’t atuned to it.

    Imagine a shark in the ocean. Most sharks will never encounter another human being. But a few sharks might see a scuba diver one day and be like «what the fuck was that»

    Every now and then, our worlds interact and intersect with one another, but most of the time we are doing our own thing.

    So given it’s true for literally billions of species on this planet that they don’t fully comprehend the reality they are living in, and not understanding there are beings living right alongside them that they can barely perceive or understand, what are the odds that humans are the only species on this planet where this ISN’T the case for?

    It’s entirely possible we are just one of many lower order species, and what we see as UAP is just a slice of the uberwelt, the overworld that is intersecting with us, but something we can barely comprehend, in the same way that a fireant isn’t going to understand what we are or what we are up to. We just aren’t a part of each others worlds.

  2. Highly likely.

    What if I told you there’s a realm dominated by entities we can’t see but that affect all of us in ways we can hardly imagine.

    They are everywhere — it’s impossible to escape then and they manipulate how you feel, what you want to eat, your emotions, etc

    It’s called the microscopic realm and microbes and bacteria are a huge part of the health of your skin, intestines, brain.

    Check out the enteric nervous system.

  3. I like the interview recently that guy gave. He said something like, whatever it is that humans have, its like our perception collapses quantum complexity to our simplistic physics, we have created yhe physical world around us. The others know this and can still step into our reality, and in a way our physical world is overlaid somewhere within their reality

  4. I saw a quote from nikola Tesla a while ago that he said earth is a realm and not a planet. I think buddhism is the closest religion to try to relay this message to humanity. And Iv seen people saying that the malevolent e.t’s are interdimensional and not extra terrestrial which always reminds me of this theory. Also when alex jones calls them interdimesional child molesters ahaha

  5. At least some of the NHI could be inter-dimensional.

    consider this CE3 for example:

    «**Location. Cazalla de la Sierra, Spain Date: March 26 2002**

    Pharmaceutical products salesman was returning along a deserted road when he noticed ahead in the distance and in the middle of the roadway an object resembling a shiny pear that was resting on three metallic legs.

    Somewhat perplexed he approached and noticed two individuals standing on a nearby field. These were over 2 meters in height, wore tight fitting white coveralls and helmets resembling that of the early astronauts. He parked his vehicle and approached the two strange figures on foot. One of the men walked away and entered the shiny pear-shaped craft while the other remained behind. Knowing that these men were ”not from this earth” he still asked the remaining humanoid if he needed any assistance.

    He felt that as he approached the strange pair he had been in some type of a trance and seemed to have floated over the road. The humanoid answered and appeared genuinely happy as to his offer of assistance but said that everything was in order.

    He also added that the area was very beautiful and also added: ***”Humans don’t know what they have. Where we come from we don’t have such beautiful scenes, they disappeared a long time ago.”*** The astounded witness managed to ask the humanoid where he was from and was told that ***they hailed from another dimension, a concept that humans have not yet assimilated.*** The humanoid smiled as he answered the question. The humanoid then bid goodbye and walked towards the nearby shiny pear shaped object, he then disappeared inside of it.


    Here’s another case:


    «**Location. Near Amsersfoort, The Netherlands Date: April 22 1999**

    The witness was alone on a highway when suddenly the front windshield became dark. He was not able to see and he hit a car in front of him.

    He then skidded of the highway and crashed into a tree. He looked at the car but it was not damaged. A police officer then came by and asked him if there had been an accident, confused he said no.

    After the officer left a man appeared, he told the witness to follow him. Soon they came upon a landed disc shaped object with a dome on top, shiny silvery in color.

    ***He took the witness inside and explained to him that he was not from another planet that he was from planet Earth but from a different ”frequency” or dimension***.

    He told the witness that the car he hit was one of them and the driver was one of them. They had repaired his vehicle. The man then showed him around the object, and explained to him how the object operated. He was eventually allowed to return to his vehicle and went home.»


    source: [https://web.archive.org/web/20120114025724/http://www.thelosthaven.co.uk/conthumanoid.html](https://web.archive.org/web/20120114025724/http://www.thelosthaven.co.uk/conthumanoid.html)

  6. There are absolutely other dimensions mathematically string theory has 11 or 12 but really thats not it. and is more used as a useful tool for other reasons. There are absolutely many layers to the universe.
    Kozyrev thought Time was actually all at once and not linear. if that is true we are only perceiving our reality as linear we are in this dimension now. that also means then there would be a dimension out side of space-time. it would also lend credence to the Idea that planets and stars are a little more than we realized and might sort of be anchors for multiple dimensions at once. Now where do black holes fit into this they are probably pumping matter energy and light back and forth through these dimensions or perhaps something weirder like a multiverse acting as a sort of piston for the universal engine. perhaps someday we could talk to whatever is on the other side through these black holes by manipulating the quantum bits of energy stuff left behind after getting eaten by the black hole.
    I’m a little late to this party so no one will probably read this. I know there is so much more we don’t know But I’m sure this is closer to the mark than most realize.

  7. “Until the twentieth century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see, and hear. Since the initial publication of the chart of electromagnetic spectrum, humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear is less than one millionth of reality.”

    R. Buckminster Fuller

  8. I’ve always thought of reality as like having multiple tv stations. They’re all existing at once, we all view them in the same place, and we only see one channel at a time.

    Now, if you only ever had one tv, no way to change the channel, and no one you knew had a tv that could change channels. You may think there’s only one channel. After all, that’s all you or anyone that’s ever existed as known. Now us, the ones with the tv remotes, we know better. We can change the channel and see all the stories that are existing at once. we can rewind, pause, fast forward.

    Humans just don’t have a remote for this tv.

  9. I’d think so. Imagine someone who doesn’t have eyes. They can’t sense an entire aspect of life. Who’s to say all beings on earth aren’t missing an entire sense? Perhaps it’s not even as spiritual as we think and it’s just a scientific aspect of life we don’t understand. So to us we think it’s some mystical thing but for them it’s just normal.

  10. keep in mind that shamans, theologians, and occult philosophers have been saying the same thing for a very long time. there is a spiritual dimension to these new revelations via UFOs we are receiving on this planet.

  11. Possibly, but that would imply either accessing higher or lower dimensions (two and one) is impossible and may apply to them as well. Or we’re at the lowest dimension that can support intelligence.

  12. Not sure how to feel about my interests in aliens and the occult colliding head-on over the last few months. At least I didn’t have to Google things.

    For those wondering, yes this goes both ways and I’m seeing more talk about things like aliens in the spiritual circles lately.

  13. In Islam we believe in “jins”. Being made from fire without smoke. They live parallel to us. They can see us but we can’t see them.

    The laws of physics are different for them/in the their world. They can travel instantly form one side of the globe to the other.

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