По поводу моего последнего поста

Я писал об этом, наверное, две недели назад? В любом случае, многие говорили, что это какая-то редкая форма молнии. Мой брат сделал две фотографии, на которых видно, что она не остается на одном месте. Это было сделано вечером в Южной Калифорнии. Надеюсь, это даст немного больше информации.

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  1. The tv show ufo hunters on Pluto tv . Had a episode with UAP ( in Texas I think ) video that an expert was analyzing frame by frame and it looked just like this .
    They could not figure out any explanation for what is was .
    And they went through and ruled out every earthly explanation, I have ever herd. That’s why I remember it

    A true UAP.

  2. There is a light in the sky, turn your camera towards it, lengthen the shutter speed, shake camera, push photo button… that is what this is… I can’t tell you what that object is, I can tell you it’s not doing anything anomalous

  3. I would guess that it’s probably a drone.

    The reason it becomes long squiggly lines is because the camera’s shutterspeed will be a longer duration causing the camera to capture a few seconds of the (maybe) drone’s flight path.

    I think the person saying it’s lightning probably doesn’t know about camera shutter speed (or it just didn’t cross their mind).

    Edit: Also, I’m guessing that is a house opposite. Your brother could knock on the door and ask if they have a blue drone if you really want to know.

    Edit2: You could also ask your brother to view the image details on his phone to see what the duration of the shutterspeed actually is.

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