Где я могу найти оригинальную VHS-версию интервью Виктора с инопланетянами?

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Где я могу найти оригинальную VHS-версию интервью Виктора с инопланетянами?

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  1. Easy to dismiss as fake- people say «fake» and provide zero evidences and fail to rebut any of the information that Mr. Stewart gives. It is not an animatronic doll — not from a low-level production company that wasn’tt even able to pay their staff for the first 4 episodes of the show that they debuted this story on. They simply wouldn’t have the money to afford such a high end animatronic doll- and even Hollywoof FX people have said that it doesn’t seem animatronic. Also, this was in 1996- and supposedly shot in 1991- so it’s improbable that such a low-budget production could afford such a high-end doll. I’ve never been persuaded one way or the other until recently. Recently, I’ve watched 4 separate podcasts of Jon Stewart from the last 5 months or so-culminating with this last one on Rochard Dolan. The one on «the confessionals» podcast was no time limit- and allowed him to present the case in its entirety. It was almost 3 hrs long If I remember correctly. Jons story never changes, and it’s got lots of ins and outs- there’s much more to this story, and too many fine details thar Jon has done a really great job of pinning down. Furthermore, he knows the identity of Victor now- and Victor was a senior citizen, verified to be who he says he was that arrived with the tape by Taxi to meet the director. He also went to a much more reputable production company first. He always presented it as genuine- but they wanted a «current» military witness- which he could not provide. Also, Jon has given the names of the deceased men in the room- and they ALL CHECK OUT- including the man who served under Geeorge Bush Senior- as the man tasked with briefing Colin Powell. He’s also named one of the doctors. There is a lot of other very interesting tidbits, facts that he’s established- and he’s even given his presentation to Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal- who believe him. Furthermore, he has given his briefing to co gress and directly to Tim Burchett. It would have also been nearly impossible in 1996 to fake the physiological monitor- and to fake it in a way that nobody would believe because it is a «one off»- created not for a human, but for this entity which was struggling with a breathing problem. One of the men named as in the room, was a Navy pulminologist in 1991- and the wife of one of the doctors, Jon found- she verified its her husband in the video and it made sense to her why he was «so secretive» about his time as a medic in the military. Theres tons more little things like this that I can’t remember- but anyone with an open mind, suspend your judgment, watch one of his recent podcasts.
    Even Dolan is pretty convinced and leaning towards it being real he said- when he was once totally dismissive. Also, the big thing is that Jon Stewart sent Dolan the names of the others in the room, the names he wouldn’t release to the public until he comes out with his documentary and completes the investigation, because they are STILL ALIVE. He also sent them to 5 other «prominent ufologists» including Linda Moulton Howe and when the video was recorded, they are all verifiable and Don Schmidt. Dolan stated that they all FIT, with open source they all were military and intel folks who would be there, and these arent names known by ufo world- these are brand new names, not retreads. How would any hoaxer come up with these names?!
    Heres the KICKER though! He allowed Dolan to post the names on his podcast on screen- and he made a huge mistake, he «blacked out» the names he didn’t want to be punlic, but NOT ENOUGH! They’ve been cracked by a guy on X, and I knew they would be bc Its the first thing I thought while watching it 👀, they weren’t blacked our enough and a good AI could crack it— and it did!
    Those names have also been verified to be ACTUAL high level players and a doctor from CT- a LUNG 🫁 doctor nonetheless. You can look for yourself. Mr. Stewart has released all the info and been very transparent, he doesn’t even care if it’s shown to be a HOAX, that’s what nobody seems to get- he just wants the truth and so he decided to investigate. It’s fascinating bc if this is proven to be true- it changes everything.

  2. I always get so disappointed when people fall for this. I’m not a debunker, I usually argue with them. This however is so unbelievably obviously a puppet based in its movements that I genuinely find it perplexing that anyone can think otherwise.

    Edit (Okay this wasn’t downvoted to oblivion as expected so faith in humanity restored)

  3. I discovered this video from a Internet forum in the early/mid 2000s this video has always struck me as being genuine, and knowing the background that the being had a respiratory issue and this is a video of an examination.

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    In the latest episode of the Richard Dolan podcast, they mention that the original tape was digitally altered to be presented to the public, but it seems the original is still available somewhere. Anyone knows where I can find it? Link to the podcast: https://youtu.be/Ixv9BCr021w?si=esIfnFPt6tvgHkgY&t=4315


  5. I would like to think it’s real. The issues I have with it is the complete lack of lighting & no audio. Why have an interview with an aliean with 0 audio recording. For the lighting, I don’t trust how dark the room is. It makes it easy to hide that it’s a puppit.

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